Sony Ericsson: “We Have a Big Surprise for The Coming Months”

Once appeared on the market all the Xperia y Walkman scheduled in the calendar, are curious to know what works Sony Ericsson for a future in the short and medium term.

Speaking of Bert Nordberg, CEO of the joint venture, during the inauguration of its new headquarters in the us, assures us that they will surprise us in the coming months. We are going with the video of the statements:

It would not be logical that an officer of the company do not speak enthusiastically of their future projects, but it is curious as to ask about BlackBerry and iPhone, Nordberg continuously It was located to its developments on the side of the entertainment. Whatever it is, it is interesting to put us long teeth with good ideas, but that not be them happen again making a phone so many months before it appears the market.

Going back to “the big surprise”, if we add the initial news of Playstation Phone, search for Android developers, and statements by the CEO that we treat in this news, I think we can imagine that the Playstation Portable phone or vice versa are very close from being a reality.