Sony Ericsson Xperia X 1 to 30 September

Fade definitely rumors about a possible delay of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 1. Finally, the first mobile Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile will be released at the end of this month.

It will be the day 30 September When this phone is put on sale in the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden. During the next three months, and before the end of the year, the rest of Europe (including Spain), Asia and Latin America will also receive it gradually.

Late, very late, comes the Xperia X 1, announced at the Mobile World Congress and which did not appear until nearly seven months later. We hope that the new interface that Sony Ericsson has implemented with panels offer many improvements over the system as the HTC Touch Diamond or the Omnia, but from what little we’ve seen so far does not seem to will assume a revolution.

Perhaps with the output of the SDK and the appearance of panels of various providers the things put much more interesting, like that happened with the iPhone and its App Store, which greatly increased the possibilities of the terminal.

But, we’ll see how this is a problem in the relations between Sony and Ericsson, which are not experiencing its best moment.