Sony Ericsson Xperia X 3 / X 10 and Its Interface Will Reveal a Couple of Videos

Have it on twitter a couple of days, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 3 / X 10 also known as Rachael will be presented on November 3, many media have echoed in the news, because although the company has not confirmed it, whether they have taught us a new website which we quoted the cited date to teach us a new product.

Taking into account that in the page provide us the link to the video that gives start to the publication, and in which we can see the new terminal Sony Ericsson warming, few questions concerning.

We have had lots of leaked images and specifications on this phone, always a dubious quality, but lately in the form of real prototype, which made us think that the presentation was close, although this theme with Sony Ericsson knows how much can be prolonged. In this video to the end you can see the external appearance of the terminal, in the form of render, but with enough detail of what we can find in reality.

Unfortunately the video not tells us nothing of what we hope all know, such as confirming your hardware configuration, since it speaks of a screen of 4 inches, the chipset Snapdragon Qualcomm, or a 8 mega pixel camera.

From the point of view software also informs us about the version Android used or advances made by Sony Ericsson in the custom interface that is preparing for the occasion, fortunately just filter out today a new video in which we can see something of curiously what I discussed in the title we can see as it refers to the resolution 480 × 854, the same that has the Motorola Droid, I hope you like it: