Sony Ericsson Z1, or Playstation Phone, Video

Today is the day of the leak, if this morning we got up with the video of the LG Star, during the evening we shared with you the images of the Motorola Olympus, and for going to bed I leave a video of playful phone that prepares Sony Ericsson.

And not call it Playstation Phone that not clear to me how will be the thing, since it is possible that it may be known as Sony Ericsson Z1. The video quality is terrible, and the phone cannot be seen in its most interesting disposition, i.e., with expanded game controls, but well used to go by heating the atmosphere:

The source of the news, a Greek site that has had contact with the device, reports that the camera is in 8 megapixel camera and features LED Flash, the screen is 4 inches, with a quality far above the average?, and is that as we understand it has a resolution higher than usual in current Android phones.

The system of distribution of games is the mentioned previously Z-system, and it seems that everything revolves around the Z, the codename of the phone is Zeus. Apparently Sony Ericsson is working with Google to mount the alternative store of games, which would be below the $10.

As for the operating system, ensure that you are running Gingerbread. If the rumors are still valid, the December 9 It could be the date of presentation of the device, so in a short time we could out of doubt.