Sony Ericsson Z780

Does not fail, almost always to Nokia presents a pair of terminals do not spend many hours until Sony Ericsson Repeat the move, or vice versa, the two Nordic companies like stepped on the heels.

The two mobile phones presented by Sony Ericsson, they fall in the middle range but incorporating a function each time more demanded by users, broadband Internet phone, the HSDPA.

These features, or rather its lack, terminals are one of the causes of the crisis of Motorola, and part of the success of Nokia, represented in models such as the Nokia 6120.

Therefore the Z780, leaked a few days ago, does not incorporate or one of the famous cameras of Sony, or advanced musical performance, the manufacturer has thought it to surf the Internet at top speed and maintain an affordable price.

The other outstanding feature, and what is different with other model presented today, is the integration of aGPS or assisted GPS, which uses the mobile telephony infrastructure to accelerate localization and therefore save energy, being Google Maps Mobile the installed application for coping.

The rest is usual in this type of mobile, 2.2 inch display and a few modest 262,144 colors, a simple 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth A2DP, USB, FM radio, and internal 35MB memory expandable with the usual slot M2 Sony ericsson.

It will be available in two colors in this second quarter, including the handset HPM-62 and at a price yet to be determined.

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