Sony Xperia X: Demonstrates The Camera Video

Sony advertises the Xperia X: the new mid-range smartphone from Japan should be available in Germany from end of may 2016. The manufacturer does not now with the announcement of a bonus offer and a video on the device.

In the video posted on YouTube the camera of Xperia X – in the truest sense of the word revolves around. You will be presented with a user, filming a BMX rider with the new Xperia Smartphone, is moving into the district. On the preview screen she type to short the driver, which is provided then sharply and remains – despite faster movements. This is made possible by the so-called “hybrid predictive autofocus”-feature, which is to anticipate the movements of the object.

Special Offer For Pre-Order

According to Sony, the Xperia X has the fastest Smartphone camera on the market, only 0.6 seconds will need to take a photo. The device has a “quick launch button” and a fast image processing. The main camera of smartphones enables images with the resolution of 23 MP.

As reported by the XperiaBlog, Sony should have pointed out also by email a special campaign for the Xperia X. Pre-order to get to enjoy of a “special offer”; What exactly is this, leaves the company in the announcement however.

The Xperia X performance end of February 2016 was officially presented with the Xperia XA and the Xperia X. In Germany, but only the two first models will appear. The Xperia X has an almost rimless display and will cost less than 600 euros to release end of May. Our hands-on including video gives you a first impression of the device.