Spanish System Helps Driving Based on Video Cameras

The problem of obstacles on the road when we are driving at night it seems that it is gradually finding its solution. Thus, excessively expensive, laser or radar-based systems at the moment, Spanish researchers have added video camera, much cheaper option.

He has been in the University of Alcalá de Henares, and advance have patented it as artificial vision for the car system that signals it detects, alerts when the vehicle comes out of the lane and wake up to the driver when it enters in a State of drowsiness.

The cameras are placed in the front, the rear-view mirror and the dashboard of the car, and are responsible for capturing the presence of signs of traffic, pedestrians, a lane-departure or a State of sleepiness of the driver information that is transmitted to a computer system that analyzes it and is responsible for communicating to the driver if there is any danger or is in breach of any standard traffic.

At the moment they have already received commissioned by a European company to set up this system in two years.