Surveillance Cameras with IR Radiators

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Analog cameras with IR radiators

Sony has introduced 15 new Analog cameras of the Y, CM and CB series. With improved color rendering and integrated infrared emitters, the new cameras can easily monitor indoor and outdoor areas.

New analog cameras with IR radiators from Sony

The analog camera SSC CB565R (Picture: Sony) Specifications, Price and ordering:

SSC CB565R in shop

Through Adaptive IR Control the cameras prevent overexposure and give scenes uniform again. The eight IR dome and bullet cameras of YM and YB series offer a range of on-solutions and fixed-focal lengths for a wide range of applications. The seven dome u. Bullet Cameras CM and CB-series come with a triple zoom lens with variable focal length and are responsible for monitoring indoor u. Outdoor use.


The new models SSC YM401R, SSC YM411R, SSC and SSC YB401R YB411R are equipped with the new “Dual Pass Day / Night” function. This technology transmits both the visible frequency and IR frequencies. By day, the IR transmission is interrupted in order to achieve a more accurate color reproduction. Night makes infrared for greater sensitivity. All cameras produce images with a resolution of 540 TV lines.

The SSC-YM501R, SSC YM511R, SSC and SSC YB501R YB511R achieve high image quality with a resolution of 650 TV lines and true D / N function. If True D / N is a disconnectable IR filter which reaches both day and night for optimal performance. In daylight removed the IR filter IR wavelengths for accurate color reproduction, the night of the IR filter is turned off, so that as much IR light onto the sensor falls as possible.

The Sony Box Cameras SSC-YB401R and SSC YB411R offer a resolution of 540 TVL, D / N functionality and an effective IR LED range of five meters. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for monitoring more manageable areas. The box cameras SSC-YB501R and SSC YB511R however provide a resolution of 650 TV lines with an effective IR LED range of ten meters.


CM and CB models

The SSC-CM461R, SSC and SSC CM561R CM565R feature True D / N. The SSC-CM461R provides a resolution of 540 TV lines, while the SSC-CM561R and SSC CM565R work with 650 or 700 TV lines. The SSC-CM565R suitable with its robust housing suitable for outdoor applications.

The Sony SSC-CB565R and SSC are CB575R Bullet cameras that record at a fixed angle with a resolution of 700 TV lines, and are equipped with the IR and true D / N function. The SSC-CB565R has a triple zoom lens with variable focal length from 2.8 to 10.5 millimeters and the SSC CB575R a lens with variable focal length from nine to 22 millimeters.

The Bullet Camera SSC-CB561R provides a variable resolution of 650 TV lines in standard mode and 700 TVL in Sharp mode. The SSC-CB461R records with a resolution of 540 TV lines. Both cameras offer an effective IR LED range of 16 meters and are therefore suitable for monitoring large areas.


Upgraded Analog

The portfolio includes six fixed day / night cameras and a dozen mini-domes for indoor and outdoor use, equipped with different image acquisition sensors, so that for each application field there is something: With the Super HAD II chip can run simple monitoring tasks inexpensive; the EXview HAD II sensor observations even under poor lighting conditions. For the discrete surveillance camera models provide with IR illumination. Sony provides you below a small selection of analog camera variants.

Fixed camera: SSC-G113 / G118 This day / night cameras are characterized by a high sensitivity and low power consumption. The 1/3 “day / night cameras SSC-G113 and SSC-G118 offer thanks to a combination of 650 TV lines horizontal resolution under maximum, the EXview HADCCD II sensor, the new digital signal processor Effio-E and 2D noise reduction also harsh lighting high power. The electronic Day / Night function automatically switches between day (color) / night mode (B / W) to. Both models compensate for the color transitions using adaptive tone reproduction ATR-Lite, while the smart backlight compensation (iBLC) supports the exposure in dark scenes and improved image quality. The Automatic Tracing White (ATW) function performs automatic white balance and quickly adapts to sudden changes in light conditions. The CS mount lens, compact design and easy handling of the programming make the camera installation flexible and easy. The power of the SSC-G113 is only 1.4 watts in the SSC-G118 at a maximum of 1.8 watts.

Fixed camera: SSC-G113 / G118 Both camera types are suitable for difficult monitoring conditions, because the specially designed for day and night applications 1/2 ” – Exwave HAD CCD sensor, in combination with the integrated digital signal processor (DSP) even under the bad influence of light of 0.28 lux still a resolution of 540 TV lines. At nightfall, the infrared filter is automatically disabled and the camera switches to black / white mode. In this mode, the camera can capture images in light conditions as low as 0.005 lux. Thanks to the 12-bit dynamic range, users can choose the desired color saturation depending on the shooting scenario and personal preferences. The integrated DNR technology eliminates image noise and motion blur using an adaptive 2D and 3D filter. The cameras also have an intelligent face detection function.


Mini Dome: SSC-N11

The model SSC-N11 is an analog fixed dome camera equipped with a 1/3 “Super HAD CCD II sensor, Electronic Day / Night function, ATR-Lite, iBLC and a fixed focal length of 3 mm, which is fits due to its discrete and elegant designs in all monitoring applications. The adaptive tone reproduction (ATR-Lite) allows a higher resolution in areas that include light and dark light. The smart backlight compensation (iBLC) recognizes persons or objects even with frontal falling on the camera, flash light and compensates for it. By exposure adaptation of this technology also details in image areas can be identified which would otherwise have been underexposed. Another plus: The viewing angle can be easily adjusted, because within the scope Doms a triple hinge is attached, the camera can be swiveled horizontally and vertically as well as rotated around its own axis.

Mini Dome: SSC-N21 the SSC-N21 is Fixdome variable aperture control. The highly detailed images resulting from a horizontal analog maximum resolution of 650 TV lines and high sensitivity (color: 0,15Lux, black / white: 0,01Lux, F1.2, 50 IRE), by a 1/3 ” sensor type EXview HAD CCD II and the new digital signal processor Effio-e is possible. With its compact body, which is equipped with a triple hinge and a 3.7-fold objective, the SSC-N21 covers a very large area and reaches a horizontal viewing angle of 101.8 ° to 27.4 °. To prepare the monitored areas as possible for analysis, it makes use of the most advanced image processing technology: Electronic Day / Night function, adaptive tone reproduction (ATR-Lite) and intelligent backlight compensation (iBLC). The integrated ATW is a feature that automatically adjusting white balance to sudden changes in light conditions. This model offers security-conscious companies a reliable monitoring option – with a limited budget.