Swiss Television Channel Replaced Professional Camera Crew With Iphone And Selfiestick

Amateur recordings made with the Smart phone be used since a long time even by traditional news channels. For example, if no own local camera team was and that’s why no other images are available.

At the same time, the research team of the television stations become smaller and smaller. Often comes with no own cameraman, but the reporter filming and cuts himself. The Swiss news channel Léman is driving this trend Bleu but now on the tip. The outside reporters have no professional camera equipment, but get an iPhone, a microphone and a Selfiestick. Thus, they turn their contributions for the news programs.

The Claim Is Still Remote See Suitable Photographic Material

A steady hand is in the future so asked the reporters if they must hold the microphone with one hand while the other with the help of the Selfiesticks align the camera. Because of course continue no shaky cell phone videos should be created but posts that can be easily sent in television. The reasons for this move are obvious. Although the station is called a whole series of arguments, ultimately it’s but a step to reduce costs. New paths are not followed here. Already in 2013, dismissed the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper all photographers and verdonnerte the reporter to photo courses with the iPhone.

Costs Are To Be Reduced Without Loss Of Quality

Especially well this did not arrive but the readers. Now, has the newspaper back rowed again something and uses the services of free photographers with professional cameras, for example, at a sporting event. The Swiss broadcaster Léman Bleu but promises that the quality of the videos will not suffer the use of iPhones. Although the iPhone 6 s has a 12 megapixel camera with image stabilization and 4K-Videoformat. Whether that is however in fact sufficient to compete with professional cameras, must still be proven.