Test: Action Cameras – Five Cameras for Adventure

We have looked more closely at a collection of small action cameras that can both film and still images in high quality. But, above all, allows their size and construction to be placed on vulnerable positions to provide unique images.

Ever since the first analog protypen by GoPro was created in 2004 by Nick Woodman Development has progressed at breakneck speed. The latest version can be controlled with both the mobile phone and the remote control, it can take high-resolution still images and film at 4 k (with some restrictions). Of course, not the GoPro a stand without competition, we have gathered together some of those who fight for the buyers of these small cameras. For they are truly small, even when compared to a standard compact.

In today’s connected society is the Legion to share everything you do, that’s why the interest in this type of cameras exploded. In particular, in the different action sports where you want to catch its cool experiences to share with their buddies. To be able to share their adventures, it is required that you can get with the camera in a sensible way. It is therefore important with different mounts for these cameras so that you can vary the angles and thereby tell a more varied history. All the cameras in the test also have wifi to be able to be controlled via a smartphone.

When we tested the cameras we have controlled their image quality under controlled conditions, but we have, of course, also exposed them for lerstänk, water spray and falls to see how they work in their real environment.

Isaw Extreme

This camera is very similar to the first and second generation GoPros cameras. Even the fixtures to Accessories like GoPros very much, so much that many of them actually can be used together with Isawkameran. But Isaw is another button to control the menus. The camera also has a screen on the back that lets you see where you point it, and you can look at the pictures and videos you have taken. It is of course a great help when you want to mount and align the camera.

Isaw is a wififunktion with an app to download for free to their plate or mobile. Unfortunately, it is not possible to check as much from the app. You can choose if you want to record video or still images. But some other features are unfortunately not to choose. In addition to that, take a picture or start shooting. The WiFi connection is relatively slow and gives a pretty choppy picture on your phone.

When using the camera, it is f rhållandevis easy to control it, I say relatively because it took a while before kringknapprandet in the menu system felt natural. The keypad is also slow when you have the waterproof housing around the camera. The build quality feels it is ok.Quite plasticky and the battery compartment cover is not the best. Neither the deposit of the micro-sd: n is quite simple at first. But it works, it’s the cheapest camera so it may have in the back of the head.

On our copy, it seemed that the sensor set obliquely or possibly any lens when we got a wry product visualization. It is not something that is noticed when filming or photographing during fast paced activities, but it seemed pretty clear on our verification images. It was, however, something that several of the cameras led by Isaw underexponerar something. so you want to brighten up the pictures, even the movies are in the darkest of the team. At our test chart was also white balance significantly bluer than any of the other cameras.

Gopro Hero + Black

In GoPron, we find the same slightly crooked product visualization which we did at Isawkameran, but the image quality of the GoPro is higher. The picture is sharper and the camera has the best lens of the tested cameras. You can choose different angles of the camera but it should be a bit careful with some. The named Super Wide is a 4:3 picture is compressed to 16:9.It makes you get with very much in a film frame, but at the same time becomes increasingly compressed vertically. This leads to some diagonal lines get a little prickly, it is seen mainly in still images. It is not really a problem, but it can be good to be aware of it.

GoPro has by far the best app and wififunktionen. With the app, you can control virtually all of the settings, the update is fast and the picture is pretty smooth and without the hack. This is one of the things that have been updated from GoPro Hero 3.

One of the major benefits is the remote control that comes with the Kit when you buy a Black edition. With it, you can control the camera functions and start and stop filming, shooting etc. Remote communicates with the camera via wifi. It’s very easy if you have the camera on a helmet or somewhere where you can’t access it.

The menus are right easy to understand and it is easy to scroll through them. As regards accessories so is GoPro best in this test. There are plenty of accessories that allow the camera can be attached almost anywhere. In combination with the remote control, it’s an unbeatable combination.

Sony HDR-AS30V

Sony is one of two cameras with image stabilization in the test. Anything that you can imagine that it would be a good idea for this type of cameras used at fast paced activities. It is true, but during our tests it has shaken up too much to the stabilization to do any more useful.

If you mount the camera on a car or similar works certainly better. The picture quality is good, just a bit below the GoPro, but better than Isaw. Something, however, is sad that range shooting only goes down to 5 seconds between images.

Both GoPro and Isaw can shoot with 0.5 seconds between images. Sonyn is also down in resolution at the interval photo recording. Then they should be content with 1080 p, the same as the highest resolution when one film that is. Boring, then it removes the feature that you can use the camera to take still images from tricky angles because the only solution left is to use the wifikopplingen to the phone to take still images with high resolution.

Wifiuppkopplingen is pretty good, as long as you hold the phone upright, the picture is free from hack and you can choose which mode to use. Thus the video, still picture or intervals from the app. The range is also perfectly okay.

The shape of the camera makes it easy to attach to such as a helmet or along the side of a car. But if you want to draw it, for example, the chest is not as smooth as the camera stands out quite a bit. It can hurt to fall on and it ends up easily in the way compared with the GoPro and Isaw. There are not as many accessories to Sony’s camera to the GoPro.

Contour + 2

The first thing you notice when you pick up the Contour + 2 is that there are very few buttons on it. It has so clearly both advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback is that it is not possible to make any settings on the camera. Or you can choose between two different shooting modes, but all settings must be made via the app on your phone.It is not controlled via wifi as the others but via bluetooth. The link is stable but the image transmitted is very low resolution and blocky. The app does all of the settings related to the two different shooting modes to do.

If you want to vary between still and video, it is appropriate to set the snapshot on a location and video on another. The downside is that you have to open up the back of the camera to choose between the two different modes.

To start filming/photographing and turn the camera on there is a large button on the top, which is lockable so if you have been putting up with it to start shooting, you can lock it there so that it doesn’t go back by mistake.

The main drawback when using the camera is so clear that in order to change something, you have to haul up your phone and start the app. It would be okay if it was an option, but when it is your only option, I think it gets a little dicey. The possibility that they are in an environment where you do not want to have to fiddle with the phone is quite large when you use this type of camera. Another advantage of Countour is twisting the lens and thus compensate for if the camera is mounted upside down, or 90 degrees in any direction.

Contour similar to Sony camera to form, making the same advantages and disadvantages apply. It has quite a lot of brackets, but not the GoPro.

Contour has, unfortunately, not quite as good still image quality as the other cameras. It has the lowest resolution and suffers from a bit of chromatic aberration. Also here is the focal plane in is something wrong. But it’s still a good image quality for filming.

Virb Elite

Garmin is perhaps more famous for its navigation system. But now they have also invested in an action camera. And it’s not a bad bet. The feeling in the Virb Elite is rich, it is rubberized and feels as it endures a lot. In total, the five buttons and one of them is dedicated to starting and stopping video recording. The two of them have dual functions. One advantage is that you do not need to set up a special mode for taking stills, instead, press another button than for filming so if you take a still picture. This means that both still image and video always available without having to fiddle with the settings.

It has a wififunktion, but the app for this is not yet fully developed so we could not test it. The camera has a small display that you can use as a viewfinder but also to maneuver through the menus. It is a simple system to operate and virtually everything comes naturally. A disadvantage is that if you want to run continuous shooting is possible as the fastest two seconds between each image. A bit too slowly to capture exactly the right moment.

Virben can also connect to for example a heart rate monitor and other gauges that have ant + system, which makes it ideal if you want to film while you practice, when you can get all your training data in the same machine to get their images and their gps information from. Do you already have some other Garmin Products with ant + can it therefore be worth watching a Virb Elite.

The shape is long and narrow, as well as of the other cameras right good for certain types of uses, but worse on others.

The picture quality is okay when it comes to the still image, but not distinctive. When shooting video, it is not quite as sharp.


So which of these cameras do you choose? Is the only image quality, it is between Sony and Gopro where GoPro is the winner of both still and video. GoPro has the best handling of aberration and noise reduction. After these two, it is quite evenly between the other.

Looking at the amount of accessories is the winner, who is also the GoPro however, it is not so strange as they have been with the longest and thus had the most time to develop accessories. They are also the largest player in this market, meaning that other manufacturers also make accessories to the GoPro.

Ensures ease of use is GoPro and Garmin pretty evenly at the top. If you’re going to summarize this test so the winner is GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition, it costs a lot but provides many opportunities and good image quality.