Test: F-Stop Loka UL – Ultralight Camera Backpack Adventure

Camera & photo has the sole photo magazine in Sweden tested new Loka UL for a couple of weeks before the launch.

In addition to the bag is made of a thinner material reduces weight, has also worked on the hip belt and shoulder straps. The hip belt is now cut in half, which lowers the weight, but the facilitators also for materials to shape itself around the hips to the backpack should be more comfortable and better. The shoulder straps are also the lightened and changed, and they felt both soft and comfortable during the test.

30% weight saving

In total, they managed to cut roughly a pound from the usual Loka, which weighs 1.56 kg. It may not sound as much with if you work long hours and are moving a lot when you’re working so make every gram saved difference.

Like the usual Loka has a slot in the cylinder head, a leg and has an opening both at the top and in the back, where the back door is the one used to access the camera equipment. The bag is compatible with f-stops ICU-system efforts in the backpack in which his camera equipment. ICUs are available in different sizes depending on how much camera gear you need and how much equipment you need. Loka UL does not tighten the straps located on the dorsal side which makes the backpack is not as good for wearing skis or similar then the compression straps on the sides is not so strong. Loka UL also have mesh pockets on the sides that can be used for water bottles, extra clothes or anything else that you might get down.

Made for adventure

During our test has been sitting on its back at Loka UL mountain biking and hiking. There has been excellent, the although it bounced sharply at times. It weighs neither too much compared to how much you get with feels significantly thinner, however. the material and more fragile than on the usual Lokan but the impression so far is that it seems to be sustainable even if as. Because of its slightly as material is the one requires to pack because it does not stay in shape. But once it is filled and placed on his back, or taken off to photograph so it works very well.

Loka UL can be pre-ordered at f-stops website and costs 249 dollars without ICU, with a medium ICU and a rain cover costs the 328 dollars.

In addition to work fine for a little bit more adventurous of photographers is Loka UL great for any photographer who wants to bring more than just their camera equipment to photograph.