Test: Nikon D3300 – Performing Entry-Level Camera

As a further building on the high-resolution Nikon entry-level model D3200 has Nikon D3300 received updates that is timely.

With the new Nikon D3300 updates Nikon its segment for entry-level cameras, and also fits on making some improvements. What the discussion was all about in 2012 when its predecessor D3200 was released, was mainly about the target group were the ones who would need or use all the 24 Megapixels who sat in this camera. What we know now is that it is home to many want the higher resolution.

Updates with D3300 is both many and few. The easiest way would be to say that the camera has exactly the same format as its predecessor – it has happened is that the hardware updated to keep up with developments. Much has also been inherited from D5300 from last year, including the faster processor, which in turn increased the burst shooting to 5 frames per second – but also the sensor at 24 Megapixels but low-pass filter.ISO range has increased to 12800 25600 from’s. Recording of video has förbättrast to 50 or 60 frames per second in full-hd.

Design legacy – and smart

The design we feel completely again from the D3200. What distinguished the camera during 2012, the compact format, something that we see that Nikon worked further on. The camera feels really slim and good in the hand, and the grip is improved so that it is more pronounced — more and better grip.

Buttons are good and fits really anyone. But the best thing about the camera is probably actually the simplicity, which is also inherited from the D3200. On the selector dial we find the Guide mode that allows you as the photographer is guided by the camera’s features and settings, and you can choose what type of image you want to accomplish and get help on how it all works.

The feature is really great explanatory and makes it both easy and fun to use the camera. For those who want to be a little more creative scene modes are also available, or effect mode, which allows you to choose, for example, the effects of toy camera or miniature – but now even for a landscape panorama. A great feature for the traveling tourist.

For those who feel helpless from the beginning has the camera also a great Auto mode. I think that the situation of D3300 works really well. All the pictures I have taken are good, and the camera will find many times just right with their settings. And it will be wrong to see scene modes.

The camera is also almost certain to focus right. But don’t expect any performance monster -autofocus is not the fastest, but okay.

The screen is also good, with clear and sharp image. Nikon has also managed to perfectly good with presenting the settings on the screen, and displays the numbers and values in a smart way. The whole thing is very pedagiskt posted, and that made for understanding.

Through an accessory is also possible to connect the camera with wifi for a smartphone, for sharing the images on the internet.

However, I wonder why the recording of the video does not start even when you press the record button and not in liveview mode. Why have a separate button if it is not working at all times? I push the button, so I just want to begin recording video.

Really great photos

Picture quality – and to have a resolution of 24 Megapixels – so performs D3300 really nice pictures, and even the ability to crop them if you want. The lack of the optical low-pass filter means that the images are sharper and better, something that also shows. And with the possibility of higher iso also increases the opportunities for better pictures in low light.

As a whole it is Nikon D3300 a really successful camera that will suit those looking for a performing entry-level camera that can cope with.

In connection with the camera inside the new kitobjektivet Nikon 18-55 mm/3.5-5, 6 g VR II, whose novelty is that the lens is retractable. By pressing and holding the a button opens and closes to the lens, which makes it slightly less when you don’t use it. “the downside is that the camera is not ready for photography in all modes.