TEST: Nikon D5 X VS Canon EOS 1 D Mark II

Two monsters cameras. Two quick working horses. We have set the two flagship Nikon D5 & Canon EOS 1 d X Mark II against each other in a duel to see which differences of the two professional buildings.

Ahead of the European Football Championship, as well as the Olympics in Rio de Janiro in August, they released two major camera manufacturers Canon and Nikon is a camera in the professional segment. And sure enough, it was good – increased speed in burst shooting, faster and safer auto focus, better features for a more professional workflow in rapid situations as well as increased ISO sensitivity, dynamic range and better image quality.

But how does the both cameras against each other in a duel in which they are put to the test? Both cameras have their pros and cons, and here we are trying to check out some of the differences.


Both camera houses have nice ergonomic features. Canon have long had their winning spins wheels at the rear, allowing for fast photo browsing and quick adjustment of settings. However, it gained a competitor – the touch screen – that can be used for the same purpose, in each case on the Nikon D5.

To keep in the cameras are located near equivalent, the good in your hand both for shooting in the portrait and landscape images. The feeling on the buttons and controls are also very good with both cameras, but this is Nikon a bit before with really good placed button spacing and just right balanced button size. Some buttons in the 1 d X Mark II feels something small and thereby also access in rapid situations such as gloves.

The cameras are therefore very similar at this point, but there will be a slight profit for the Nikon D5.


Both cameras have well developed autofocus performance, and we see many similarities regarding how well the cameras can follow objects with AF-tracking-fast, secure and with many good options for how the autofocus to behave.

In addition, both cameras support for autofocus with lenses that receive (for example, through the use of an extender) aperture f/8. Nikon D5 has a somewhat light sensitive autofocus down to-4 EV steps, while 1 d X Mark II has down to-3 EV step. Looking at the specifications, we see that the D5 has 153 focus points of which 99 are of cross type, while 1 d X Mark II has 61 points, of which 41 are cross type. The focus points are also scattered over the surface in much the same way.

Also here is the cameras are very similar, and according to our tests, they also perform about the same in both rapid and low-light situations, resulting in a draw.


Both cameras are designed to perform. And perform at speed. This success they also really good with-fast image handling, quick auto-focus, fast workflow and great features.

Just press photographers workflow is the correct equivalent, so that the configuration of the AF points, management of images and the ability to laborerera with file sizes and use accessories for wifi.

The big difference here lies instead in burst shooting where Canon 1 d X Mark II can shoot in 16 frames per second (14 AF) and Nikon D5 is going after with 14 frames per second (12 AF). Fastest WINS, and the winner here will therefore be Canon 1 d X Mark II.


Both cameras have professional features for those who need the film. Both have the ability to shoot in 4 k, where Canon chosen format Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) in resolution 4096 x 2160 pixels, 60 frames per second in 8-bit 4:2: 2 format. Nikon has selected the 16:9 mode for video in 3840 x 2160 pixels, 30 frames per second in 8-bit 4:2: 2 format.

Canon 1 d X Mark II can also handle to record full-HD in 120 frames per second, where Nikon stops at 60. Handling when filming is slightly better with the Canon, where the prospects for smooth, quiet focus is really good. The winner becomes the Canon 1 d X Mark II.


Touchscreen is something that both the 1 d Mark II D5 X and equipped with just so touch screen opportunities. existing Canon limited this to work by focusing on filming, while Nikon has some enhanced functionality with image scrolling.

It has also invested in Nikon slightly higher resolution, 2.36 million pixels in D5 towards 1.62 million in 1 d X Mark II. Weak winners are Nikon D5.

Image quality

Here it is no great differences – but if we go in depth as we see that Canon has improved from previous existing dynamic range, meaning that 1 d X Mark II is slightly better than the Nikon D5 on this. Nikon D5 is slightly better when shooting at really high sensitivity. Stills from video framegrab and looks great from both cameras. These two differences result in a draw.

More features

In the table next to you can see some of the most obvious differences in the specifications of the two cameras. Through to check it out, you can see the differences: highlighted in box with white text means that the feature is better/is with the camera than the other.

On the other hand, it is difficult to outright kora a winner by counting these functions, then the there are more features that are not here. The result is a draw.


The overall result is unfortunately the sad thing: both cameras perform on top and is overall horrible equal each other. However, it differs slightly in the area and performing.

Tip for those of you who are about to buy one of these two is to try this out. You have the opportunity to check out the parts that are important to you and you will get the best track of the stuff.

Prestandamonster, work horses, and really good working tools – which of the two you’re on or select, you will absolutely not be disappointed in what you can do with these cameras.