The Art of Photographing, By Peter Wendel

“Photography is poetry of immobility:it is through photography that the moment they view as they are.”
(Peter Urmenyi)

Spoke in photo, talked about art! Is there something that we love and are addicted to, in fact, have as a blogger doesn’t like pictures??? Who lives on in the blogosphere know:every second is flash. Photography means creation and she has untold powers. Is the art of freeze time, to make unforgettable moments, to capture feelings only, and tell stories. In short, is the art of saying a lot of things without a Word. Shooting goes way beyond just grab a camera and leave by clicking around. Just like any other profession, photography requires study, training, improvement and – of course – passion. As the songs and movies, the pictures are able to excite us so indescribable, to tell us stories huge and arouse feelings in a matter of seconds. In this order, the picture is of a unique beauty, private messages and countless cultural riches. And it was through our passion for pictures we know maaaravilhoso work of photographer

PETER WENDEL is a storyteller … He operates in the market of wedding photography in Mato Grosso do Sul since 2009, leading to State couples a differentiated look and showing pictures, emotionally charged with a lot of sensitivity and a striking style. Business Manager of training and wedding photographer for passion, PETER WENDEL loves to tell stories through beautiful images, unique and sublime moments. We made a visit to the Office of the photographer, who was decorated with the greatest care and whimsy to suit the little brides from MS, and we admired. When we saw the pictures of him on tv, with a wonderful soundtrack, in time hit a chill and that overwhelming need to get married again! Hehehehe! Was muiiita emotion, really he can register all dreams and feelings through photography.

In fact we don’t even have to speak much of the work of PETER WENDEL, just see the pictures made for him to feel a little bit of all this extraordinary talent! In addition, a very important point in your résumé: PETER WENDEL is part of the INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHERS, the largest directory of the best wedding photographers of Brazil! He was the first photographer of Mato Grosso do Sul to be there present, which gives a lot of credibility to the work and also an incredible security for the brides and grooms, who to hire professionals who are part of this select group, may have convinced that will have the most beautiful reg istros that dream day! It’s not d +++?? We’re delighted!

See below for a little bit of the art of photographing the PETER WENDEL !!!

It’s that they couldn’t miss clarooo our flashes with the talentosíssimo MODERNAMERICANBEAUTY in your Office.

PETER WENDEL was the first photographer of Mato Grosso do Sul to be part of the INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHERS, the largest directory of the best wedding photographers of Brazil!

Yo guys, what do you think of the photos?

We are in love with the impeccable work of PETER WENDEL, that what you have seen is just a little bit of his talent. Here’s our “guess” for the little brides that are looking for an excellent photographer, it’s worth scheduling a visit to Pedro’s Office and make a budget!

The Office of the photographer PETER WENDEL is in Avenida Afonso Pena, no. 5723, room 1608, Evolution, Farm Building waterfall, Campo Grande/MS.