The Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Also Want to Meet Android

Once transferred the barrier Android the Walkman family, and in a most important way by range Xperia. Within the extensive catalogue of Sony Ericsson, we had to see if was a member of the photographic ‘phones’ Cyber-shot.

We won’t find anyone that Sony Ericsson He developed great phones in its photographic aspect within the Cyber-shot family, with specifications that even today we ask new terminals Android, as the Xenon flash.

That we present today is one of the first tests of that Sony Ericsson have in the oven a new phone that promises to leave to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc in the background in terms of quality photo and video.

Does not it surprise us the development of a phone with these characteristics, the Android market is saturating of good teams, and the distinction is welcome, either software as HTC, either with special specifications, as it presents the aforementioned Arc or the Xperia Play.

Phone of which we speak, and share some horrible images, would supposedly count with a 16 Megapixel Exmor R sensor (the ultimate developed by Sony), and it is that there is no way out for any of the megapixel race, we hope that the final result is at the height of the marketing.

The phone is full touch, and you can see the Cyber-shot logo on its front. There are no pictures of the back so we are left with the desire to confirm the sensor and expected by many to the presence of a Xenon flash, Although I see it quite complicated.