Tips For a Perfect Selfie!

If there’s one thing we love is to do that famous “selfie”-pictures we took ourselves. Taking pictures is no longer something exclusive of photographers for a long time. With the emergence and popularization of digital machine that panorama changed completely and after the appearance of camera phones, access to photography was even easier. Despite being fashion, there are many people who feel frustrated by not being able to get the “perfect selfie”.

I’m suspicious, but I amooo register everything I’m doing, posing, and pouting. The precious is tip try, test, which is the angle that suits you. In addition, separated some other diquinhas to help in time to get that super “selfie”:

1.You can use the best camera in the world, but if the lighting is not great, it’s no use. The picture won’t be good, after all image and light is all about. “Photo = photo (light) + spelling (writing). That is, writing with light. ” Whenever you can, choose the natural light that is more advantageous. But if you’re indoors, try the site as clear as possible before your selfie.

2.if you are a lover of photography, know that you can use it in your surrounding to compose the image. The objects and background elements can not only write the scenario, but help in image quality. Colored curtains or almost transparent good light diffusers. Light-colored furniture, such as Trimmers, also function as auxiliaries in lighting. of the things that you have to change in your mind is thinking that selfie is just the face. The selfie is a photo you took yourself, regardless of this picture was of your face, your foot or your hand. The selfies have primarily focus on the news you have to tell your friends. So, if you got a watch, a pair of shoes or a new shirt, is worth get a selfie of these objects too!

  1. 4. To take a good picture, you do not need to take your face completely. Quite the reverse! Often, a good selfie has only part of your face. If your are not getting good selfies, try “cut” the image near the eye.

5.When you take a picture, usually you have two options: use one or two hands. If you’re starting to take pictures, both hands can be the simplest and most effective option. Firstly, because you have a new element in the picture (the other arm) and can help disguise your lack of experience. On the other hand, gives a better balance to your camera.

  1. 6. The selfies can be taken anyway or anywhere. But the photos taken in front of the mirror have become classics. If you’re going to make a picture like that, don’t forget to take the camera flash.

7.we all have our best angle. It’s up to you to find the one that is your best angle. In addition to experience right sides and left, try also position the camera a little above your head, make any changes with your eyebrows or even with the lips. Everything is valid in the time to improve your selfie!

8.Use and abuse of photo applications! In addition to social networks that already offer filters, like Instagram, photography applications is easy to find for both Android and iOS.

Aviary and Afterlight

The Aviary is one of these magical applications in which you can edit the photo, cropping, applying filters, frames, messing with the brightness, saturation, focus to creating memes. It’s free and is available on both platforms.

The Afterlight follows the same style Aviary and multifunction and well known by the interface easy to be used and the quality of the application. The downside is that is only available at the Apple store.

Bokehful and Instabokeh

Want to give a different effect on your photo? The bokeh effect applications are very useful. They act like a professional camera had been used to distort and blur certain parts of the image. This type of effect can be applied by Bokehful, on or Instabokeh, AppleStore in PlayStore.

Over and Phonto

Both are applications that has the function to insert text in the pictures. With a large number of fonts, color choices, positioning and change various options, the apps can give a new purpose for your selfie. The Over can be found on Apple’s platform and the Phonto, on Google.

To inspire us to do aqueeeela selfie perfect, let’s take a look at the famous selfies?

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