Tips For Doing Well In Photo

When we talk about do well in the photo, the first image that comes to the head is the Top Gisele Bündchen and its famous–and millionaires–she made cards in the most prestigious catwalks and magazine covers, isn’t it? But for us mortals who also want to get the real Greek gods in family photos, with work or friends, how to do? Not to mention that hide just sensing a camera around, because if you find anything not photogenic.

According to the experts in photogenic, a beautiful photograph isn’t entirely linked to beauty. But, Yes, with the technique. That is, what will determine whether your picture will be beautiful or deserve to be hidden in the back of a drawer, is your attitude and posture at the time of the click.

Get to know some of these tricks will help you always come out well in the picture, get the book!

– Avoid do guy femme fatale in pictures with the family, or elaborate poses or grimaces with the guys at work. Do you think I drank more than I should? Run the cameras!

-Find out your best angle. For this, train a lot in front of the mirror, turning slowly in 180°, to know what your best side of body and face. Get moving and doing mannerisms until I find what will you feel better on camera. Another good tip is to call a friend (preferably more) and ask her to go clicking all your times “top model”, so you practice and have fun at the same time.

-Never fully facing the camera. Instead, stay slightly to the side, which helps to stretch the posture and gives the impression that you are thinner. Want to look even more long torso? Cross one foot in front of the other, throwing the weight for the foot that stayed behind, leaving the back leg stretched and the front slightly flexed.

– Always keep the spine erect. Otherwise, you leave gibbosity with that appearance of tiredness and discouragement, that couldn’t even get through the album, right?

-A great trick already well easy, but that always works, is, at the time of the click, shrink the belly arresting the air. But do it quietly, for, in the photo, don’t go out like you’re short of breath, only contract the abdomen.

-Tilt the head forward, quietly and take, this will leave you with even more charming and elegant posture. But beware of the double chin, which is under the Chin when it brings the face down.

-If the photo companies are the best hand, but you also don’t want to go out with that fake smile, the tip is not tired chuckle. Disguise looking sideways and point the face into the lens only when you hear the “cheese”. So, the smile will come out spontaneously.

-To hide big hips a great trick is to put the bag, or a coat (if holding one) in front or to the side, will disguise and the better, of course.

-Going out alone in the photo? No problem, just turn the face to the light, so will not create unwanted shadows.