Ubuntu Phone Will Be Available for The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 February 21

Days after the announcement of Ubuntu Phone He began speculating on the date of departure of this operating system. Everything pointed to that it would be at the end of February when the user could download this system to their terminals, and in the end has confirmed that it would for those dates.

To the delight of many, will not be available only to the Galaxy, Nexus terminal that was displayed in the presentation, because it will also be available to install in the Nexus 4. The chosen date is the February 21, then will be published along with the code installers source and tools to develop applications.

Canonical intends to provide an appropriate environment for interested developers to create applications and thus complete the software store for when commercial terminals are launched to the market. The end is when develops software for Ubuntu 13.10 it can be work both on a computer, a telephone and a TV, no need to adapt it. An ambitious idea that we will have to wait and see if you can make shadow Android.