Xperia Play/PlayStation Phone Could Be Presented at The Mobile World Congress

All the informations are running that these next few weeks are going to be very important in the world of portable electronic leisure terms, with the introduction of Nintendo 3DS opens the door, but Sony has a lot to say, with mobile phones involved in the matter.

Apparently Sony could show the second generation of its portable PSP on January 27, and the following month, during the Mobile World Congress, would the presentation of Android phone aimed at the world of video games, known for now as Playstation Phone or Xperia Play.

Sony currently is the second manufacturer of game consoles portable, with the two new betting wants to continue the conventional market, but also one with as much potential as the mobile assault, and is that Apple has already shown us that it can be very productive.

The rivals seem to clear, Nintendo and Apple, each in their respective markets, and the very strong proposals, as you might expect in a company of the magnitude of Sony. About the new portable console we know little, however the phone has suffered different leaks in recent weeks.