Andy Rubin Denies Rumors about The Possible Launch of Google Stores

Andy Rubin, head of the development of Android at Google, has made some statements that completely belie the hypothetical release of physical stores Google in the coming months.
“Google has no plans in this regard, and there is nothing to announce”, said Rubin, that it made it clear so he refused everything that was suggested in the media a few days ago.

According to the Director of Google, consumers”they no longer have to go to the shops to test products”, that is just the reason that some analysts had argued assuming that”the average consumer never will buy projects from Google that appear online without having them tried first””.

Rubin noted that consumers have better service through online tools, including recommendations on social networks, something that, according to Rubin, makes unnecessary first-hand experience. In fact, indicated that the sale of devices Google Nexus program takes short period of time working, and that bass his experience seems to show that it is not necessary to “have physical stores these things [4 Nexus, Nexus-10, etc.]”.