Before Leaving for Costa Rica

At Tourist Travel, our tour guides know an insane amount about Costa Rica and they will love sharing their knowledge with you. Likewise, they know a lot about how you should behave before leaving for Costa Rica. It is always a good idea to have prepared yourself before embarking on an adventure in a completely foreign country.

On this page you can read about everything you should know before traveling to Costa Rica . We guide you through how to deal with visas, which dictionary to pack, whether to put your watch forward or back and much more.

Passport & Visa

When traveling to Costa Rica, you do not necessarily have to think about visas before departure. It depends on the duration of your trip whether you need to apply for a visa at all. You can easily stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days without when you leave as a Danish citizen. However, it is important that your passport is valid for 6 months after returning home.

We understand well if you can not get enough of Costa Rica. In that case, you can actually apply for or extend your visa locally. Remember that you are responsible for complying with Costa Rica’s applicable entry and exit rules. Therefore, it is a good idea to check , where the latest rules are always stated. Likewise, you can always contact the Embassy of Costa Rica to have the rules confirmed.

Vaccination when traveling to Costa Rica

Before you pack your bags and head out into the big world, it is important that you always think about whether your trip requires you to be vaccinated before. When we travel across national borders and maybe even climate belts, nature, wildlife and bacterial composition will of course also change.

Where Denmark is in the temperate climate belt, Costa Rica is in the tropical climate belt. Therefore, it is important that you seek medical attention before leaving for beautiful Costa Rica and thus guide you about which vaccinations they recommend that you receive.

You can also choose to contact an independent vaccination clinic through the Danish Doctors’ Vaccination Service . On their website, you can easily and quickly get an overview of what types of vaccinations you should have before you travel.

Currency in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has its own currency called the Costa Rican Colón (CRC). 100 CRC corresponds to DKK 1.11. A trip to Costa Rica offers significantly cheaper prices than what we are used to in Denmark. However, the country is among the most expensive in South and Central America.

It is recommended that you bring US dollars from home and exchange these for colón when you land in Costa Rica. You can also bring a debit card, which can be used at most hotels and shops in larger cities.

Languages ​​in Costa Rica

The Spanish colonization in Costa Rica has in many ways left a clear mark on the country’s current culture. To this day, the official language of Costa Rica is still Spanish.

However, there are also a number of population groups who are influenced by American culture and speak English. Including the people of Limón who speak mekaiteliu – an English dialect. Among the minorities, there are also a number of Native American dialects.

Travel safely to Costa Rica

You can head to beautiful Costa Rica with peace of mind. This is also a trip to the country without an army. Of course, one should always take his precautions when traveling around a foreign country.

However, Costa Rica is not particularly notorious for crime or terrorism. This amazing country that connects the two American continents will give you a very beautiful and safe travel experience.

Time difference between Costa Rica and Denmark

When you travel to Costa Rica, summer and winter time no longer exist. Therefore, Costa Rica is 8 hours behind Denmark in our summer, but 7 hours behind in our winter.

In Costa Rica, there are minimal temperature fluctuations and the number of light hours is pretty much the same throughout the year. The spectacular climate makes the country worth visiting all year round, although you will probably avoid the rainy seasons.

Puerto Viejo

Any Costa Rica trip should end in Puerto Viejo. Here the tempo is almost set in reverse and “Pura Vida” is the everyday guideline. Your trip to Costa Rica must involve wild water activities and you will find them here.

Try Paddle Bording, get a diving certificate or practice yoga at the water’s edge. Enjoy a vegan meal in the colorful houses that make up local sodas, before heading to the dance bar in the evening for crisp reggae rhythms.

Visit the turtles in Tortuguero

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