Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park can be found in the state of Utah. Every year over a million visitors find their way to the canyon here. Despite everything, you can find a lot of impressive things on a rather small area of ​​145 km². The Bryce Canyon National Park was founded on September 15, 1928.

The history of the Bryce Canyon National Park

Archaeologists are so far little known about the settlement of humans in this area. However, there have been finds that are believed to be around 10,000 years old. The mainly Indian finds come from the Anasazi and later from the Puebloara Indians. There is little evidence of settlement, so it is believed that the area in Bryce Canyon National Park may have served as a hunting ground.
The first whites in what is now Bryce Canyon National Park were the Mormons. They wanted to farm and raise cattle here.
The canyon got its name from Ebenezer Bryce. In 1875 he was supposed to help develop the area as a carpenter. In order to reach the many trees on the plateau, he built a road without further ado. From there he had the best view. But for Bryce the area was mainly of practical use. After all, he needed the wood for construction. He had a cabin very close to what is now Bryce Canyon and that’s how this part got his name. In 1880, Bryce left the Canyon and moved to Arizona.

After the area was connected to the railway network, more and more tourists came to the area. The first hotels were built around 1920. Unfortunately, however, the tourist interest increased so much that severe damage to the area of ​​Bryce Canyon National Park was the result.
So one had to act and decided to protect the park. Since 2000 there has been a shuttle system that transports the numerous tourists to Bryce Canyon National Park. It is currently being considered to only use the shuttle system, because that way you can protect nature more effectively.

The wildlife in Bryce Canyon National Park

There is a lot of forest in Bryce Canyon National Park. About 60 species of mammals and 175 different species of birds live there. You can also find foxes and the local bobcat here. However, caution is advised of the mountain lions and black bears. Bears in particular are repeatedly underestimated. Since they do not have facial expressions like cats or dogs, it is difficult to assess their current mood. The mule deer, which are the largest mammal living in the park, are quieter. Elk and pronghorns also share the habitat in the park. The different types of croissants are particularly popular with children.
Great and colorful bird species can be found in Bryce Canyon National Park. Here you can also see the tiara jay or the Californian condor.

In the lower part of the gorge there are mainly forests with pines and conifers. There are mainly aspens and birch trees along the river, as well as willow trees. If you see yellow pine, blue spruce and Douglas fir, you are in the middle part of the canyon.
At the top of the plateau are aspens, Engelmann spruces and Nevada ornamental pines.
In general, one often finds berry bushes and shrubs in between, which are adapted to the respective regions.

Bryce Canyon National Park

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