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Canada is a country located in North America with name that begins with letter C. The North American country stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the polar region in the north to the northern border of the USA in the south. Canada is characterized by vast, deserted landscapes, endless prairies, icy tundra steppes and even more endless forests. The east of the vast state is between Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes, which lie on US territory, characterized by rivers, lakes, plains and hills. In the more mountainous west of Canada, Mount Logan rises 5959 m as the highest peak.

Canada is a natural paradise, over two thirds of the land area is natural wilderness. The biodiversity on land, air and water is correspondingly great. Bears, wolves, bison, eagles, whales and walruses are some of the most impressive natural residents. But one tree made it onto the Canadian flag: the Canadian maple, also called sugar maple, which is a supplier of wood and sweeteners in one.

Less than half as many people live in the second largest country in the world in terms of area as in Germany, but it is mixed: In addition to the indigenous ethnic groups, which are referred to as “First Nations”, there are English-speaking, francophone and people from many other countries who come together have settled in Canada. Most of the residents live in the regions around the cities of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. The seat of government and thus the capital is Ottawa in the state of Ontario. The British Queen is the official head of the Commonwealth of Nations. Check Countryaah to find more countries that begin with letter C.

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EU citizens need a valid passport to enter Canada and, if they arrive by plane, they also need an electronic travel authorization in advance using the ETA procedure.


The most common in this huge country is the boreal climate, also known as the cold temperate climate: It brings long, cold winters and short, hot summers, each with extreme temperatures, which fall below -50 °C in winter and over 40 ° C in summer Heat can increase. While there is a dry continental climate with distinct seasons on the east coast, in the west the moisture of the Pacific in interaction with the coastal mountains brings high rainfall.

Food and drink

A potluck is a party to which everyone takes a meal. The variety of dishes in Canada’s cuisine is as multicultural as society – it ranges from steak to burgers and curry to sushi and sauerkraut! (The biggest Oktoberfest outside of Munich, by the way, is celebrated in Kitchener, Ontario.) The poutine could best be described as a national dish: This calorie bomb consists of french fries with gravy and melted cheese. Water and coffee are free in many restaurants; and because not all restaurants have a license to sell alcohol, you can take your own wine, beer and rye whiskey (rye) with you. You can recognize them by signs that read BYOB (Bring your own booze).

Cultural characteristics

Canadians are considered friendly, polite, and tolerant. Society is multicultural. In the French-speaking parts of the country in the east, it can happen that you fall on deaf ears with English. What one should definitely avoid in Canada: See the country as an appendage of the USA or confuse it with it at all; express disparagingly about the national sport of ice hockey and push forward in a line of people…

Medical advice

The medical standard is high, the waiting times in ambulances and hospitals are enormous, as are the costs for treatment. It is therefore advisable to take out travel health insurance or medical transport insurance. It is also advisable to take a first-aid kit with you. In summer you should protect yourself from mosquitoes. This is also because of West Nile fever, which is transmitted by mosquito bites and can lead to flu-like symptoms.


Canada is a very safe country. The main dangers come from the wilderness: Forest fires can occur in large areas of Canada in summer. It is therefore recommended that you observe the relevant information in regional news.

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