Digital Cameras

Sony Ericsson Aino

It seems that the Unlimited Entertainment It is the best thing that ever happened to Sony Ericsson in a long time and that we will complete with the Sony Ericsson Aino, the listed maximum exponent of this range with respect…
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Sony Ericsson Satio

After the exhibition and announcement of the Sony Ericsson Idou MWC 2009 past, Sony Ericsson has shown the final version of the last prototype, with included final name, Sony Ericsson Satio.

Sony Ericsson Yari

Yesterday, Sony Ericsson unveiled their new enclosed Terminal 3 in the Unlimited Entertainment, where the Sony Ericsson Yari We could consider it the greatest exponent of terminal focused on video games.

Sony Ericsson S312

With the same idea as the Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman, simplicity for the input level, this will get us Sony Ericsson S312, with shortcut key dedicated to video capture, it is sufficient a couple of easy steps to begin to…
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Sony Ericsson Naite

The Sony Ericsson Naite It is the other half of eco duo that opens the new range of GreenHeart mobile. Characteristics, it seems destined for more content budgets, but that has not prevented, as in Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart, the…
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