Digital Cameras

Sony Ericsson W660

Sony Ericsson It presents today a new mobile range Walkman, the Sony Ericsson W660 that in addition to musical characteristics, is notable for its design which even could categorize something “fashion”, with polished finish on the side of the camera.

Sony Ericsson K200/K220

Along with the new phones range Walkman, Sony Ericsson today also presents new mobile line easier as it is the case of this K200. Aesthetically, there are some differences to facilitate pressing buttons occupy all the front of the keyboard…
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Sony Ericsson W51S

Today we see another Sony Ericsson more Japanese than Swedish, the W51S for the Japanese operdora KDDI, We are sure that we will not see it here. A design that combines the Japanese classic shell style with the LEDS of…
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Sony Ericsson W595

A step above the W302 is situated this Sony Ericsson W595, a much more comprehensive terminal and with a design say top, with sliding tray or slider. The W595 It has a better screen, 2.2 inches with QVGA resolution. The…
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Sony Ericsson W902

And by the end the Sony Ericsson W902, the best of the three today, although its design gives the impression of being quite rough (personally I prefer for the W595) features are no doubt the most serious.

Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson Today it celebrates three years of its range Walkman with three new mobile from this successful family. The three are quite similar, do not include advanced features, and differ mainly in the quality of the camera and the…
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