Easter holiday in Asia

If you are planning to travel to Asia during the Easter holidays, there are plenty of choices in travel destinations. According to Countryaah, many Asian countries are at their best in March-April, which Easter most often hits.

In Asia, Easter is characterized by warm weather, sunny days, and light rainfall. And what else would you want from a vacation?

Below you can read more about the travel destinations we recommend for those planning an Easter holiday.

Thailand in March-April – turquoise sea and white sandy beaches

Thailand in March-April

Thailand has been a big tourist favorite for years, and it is also an excellent tourist destination in the spring and during Easter.

Thailand is a large country, so the weather varies regionally depending on whether your resort is located in northern, southern or central Thailand. Easter is still the so-called hot season in Thailand. In April, you will still have time to travel to Thailand before the start of the rainy season. The sun is scorching from the clear sky at this time and the rains are less.

If you want to spend your Easter holiday in a relaxed style by the turquoise sea, we recommend choosing one of the magnificent islands of the Gulf of Siam as your destination. A very good option for an Easter trip is island hopping, which takes you to the paradise islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Here you can relax for all your money: embark on an adventure in beautiful nature, enjoy the authentic island atmosphere, laze in a hammock under the palm trees, jump into the waves or enjoy a cool drink in the shade. In addition to sun worship, island hopping in Thailand also offers a lot to see.

There are many impressive, detailed decorated temples in Thailand. A visit to the temple gives a good idea of ​​the fascinating history and culture of the country, and the number of gold ornaments cannot be surprised.

For the gourmet, Thailand is a real paradise where you can get to know a little different food culture. Chicken, noodles, and rice are staple foods, and Thais aren’t afraid to use spices with a fair hand – sometimes too fair for some tastes.

No wonder Thailand has become such a popular travel destination. The historic, beautiful and hospitable country offers everything you need for a perfect Easter holiday.

Sri Lanka in March-April – nature experiences and beach atmosphere

Sri Lanka in March-April

Sri Lanka is a great destination all year round, and Easter is no exception.

March and April in Sri Lanka are nicely warm and sunny. These months are, in fact, the best time to travel to Sri Lanka, as the Northeast Monsoon has already subsided so far, but the Southwest Monsoon has not yet started.

If you are the sports type and like to challenge yourself on holiday, Sri Lanka is a good option. On the island you can try rafting, diving or go hiking to enjoy the beautiful green nature.

Sri Lanka is also home to many fascinating exotic animals that you can get close to, for example, in Yala National Park. On a safari ride it is possible to see elephants, monkeys, buffalo, crocodiles and many other animals. Maybe you’re so lucky to spot a rare leopard lurking in the bushes!

Of course, animals can be seen elsewhere than on the surface of the earth. If you dream of seeing whales, in April you will have time for the last whale safaris. Sri Lanka’s whale season runs from October to April.

If your Easter holiday is definitely a beach holiday, Sri Lanka has plenty of long sandy beaches, palm trees and clear waters. Maybe it’s time for this holiday to try surfing? Surfboards can be rented from the beaches of Sri Lanka, and learning the new skills will easily slip through the entire holiday.

Is your Easter holiday wish list beautiful nature, fascinating animals, soft sandy beaches, cultural experiences and gourmet food? In Sri Lanka you will find all of these and more.

Japan in March-April – cherry blossoms and beautiful colors

Japan in March-April

Japan is a fascinating country with a lot to see.

When you head to Japan for Easter, you have the best chance of getting to witness something very special. Namely, at this time, countless cherry trees in Japan burst into bloom and color the landscape in gentle pink tones.

Watching the flowering of cherry blossoms, or Sakura, is called hanami, and is one of Japan’s largest annual folk festivals, enjoyed by both Japanese and tourists. The exact time of flowering of the trees depends on the weather, but most often cherry blossoms break out in Kyoto and Tokyo in late March / early April.

One of Tokyo’s most popular places to spend hanami is Ueno Park, which turns into one big party place during the flowering season, from which the Japanese in a festive mood take it all. Here you can see, among other things, Japanese families and work crews enjoying a casual picnic under the cherry trees and picking up the petals detached by the wind.

Easter in Japan is much more than enchanting cherry trees.

During your visit to Kyoto and the Japanese capital Tokyo, you will experience both ancient traditions and hypermodern city life. In Kyoto, fascinating UNESCO sites await you, such as the Ginkaku-ji Silver Pavilion and the impressive Kiyomizu-dera Temple. In Tokyo, on the other hand, you can marvel at the state-of-the-art cityscape, which includes neon signs, manga art and a super-efficient transportation system. The train journey on the Shinkansen bullet train is an experience in itself.

An Easter city break can also be combined with a visit to the island of Okinawa, which has a tropical climate all year round. In Okinawa, you will experience a different Japan again. The culture of the island is unique, customs and traditions are unique and even the language is different. The sea around Okinawa is full of colorful life, so it’s worth going diving or snorkeling here.

An Easter holiday in Japan offers a hint of history, cultural experiences and beautiful floral splendor.

Bali in March-April – lush nature and fascinating culture

Bali in March-April

An Easter holiday in idyllic Bali offers plenty to see and beautiful weather.

Namely, April is the first month of the dry season, which begins after a long rainy season, when the weather is stable, there are many sunny hours and the rainfall is lower than in previous months. However, the largest crowds of tourists have not yet arrived, so there is no need to queue for Bali attractions during the Easter holidays in the same way as during the high season.

It is a good idea to schedule a beach holiday just at Easter, as the winds start to subside on the coasts at this point, when the sea water is really clear. This means that snorkeling, diving and surfing conditions are at their best.

If you are planning nature adventures, Easter is a great time to travel to Bali. After the rainy season, the vegetation is still green and there is a lot of water in the big waterfalls.

For example, the picturesque rice fields surrounding Ubud are now at their most beautiful, and if you like monkeys, you might want to take a trip to Ubud’s monkey forest – but keep your reservations! Namely, monkeys are not afraid of humans and can even grab a banana from your hand if it happens to it.

Who wouldn’t love playful, curious and adorable dolphins? Set the alarm clock to wake you up early in the morning and go on a dolphin safari as the sun rises. On a dolphin safari, you sail the sea in the beautiful eclipse of the morning sun and observe the environment with your eyes wide – are they visible? Before long, you will notice the first playful bottle cams jumping in the water around the boat. You can look for a better start to your holiday!

An exciting City Break in Singapore is also a great continuation of the Bali trip. Easter is a great time to travel to Singapore as the weather is mildly tropical and the sunny hours are really plentiful.

Vietnam – a diverse culture and nature

Vietnam - a diverse culture and nature

Beautiful and fascinating Vietnam attracts tourists all year round, and the Easter season is no exception.

Long land extends over two climatic zones, and therefore weather conditions can vary greatly depending on where you are in the country. Overall, however, March and April are good holiday months.

As you head to Vietnam for Easter, you can expect colorful cultural experiences, hospitable people, delicious flavors, lush nature, a relaxed beach vacation and much, much more.

A good Easter holiday destination is North Vietnam, for example, where you can learn about ancient history and enjoy the pulse of the city in bustling Hanoi. At Mai Chau, west of Hanoi, you can get close to an authentic Vietnamese country idyll. The tour also takes you to charming little villages and lush rice fields. North Vietnam is a great destination when you want to combine interesting cultural experiences with exciting nature adventures.

South Vietnam also offers a lot to see for the Easter holidaymaker. To the south, the lush Mekong Estuary, the exotic animals of Nam Cat Tien National Park, diverse cultural experiences and tropical beaches await you. South Vietnam is sunny and very warm at Easter.

The local Vietnamese are an attraction in themselves. Vietnam is inhabited by hospitable, cheerful and warm people, and the tourist is most often welcomed with a sunny wide smile. During the trip, you will get to know the Vietnamese way of life and also get to tell about yourself, as the locals are often very interested in their foreign visitors.

Travel to charming Vietnam at Easter and be enchanted by the beautiful nature, fascinating culture and always equally smiling and hospitable Vietnamese.

China in March-April – enchanting colors and countless attractions

China in March-April

China blossoms in the spring just around Easter, when nature is shrouded in the most beautiful colors.

Spring is also an excellent travel time as there is little rainfall and the weather is warm. China is a huge country, so regional differences can naturally occur.

If you’re traveling to China, you’ll pretty much find yourself at some point in Beijing, the country’s capital. Located in Northeast China, Beijing offers experiences from end to end and for every taste. Major attractions include the fabulous Forbidden City, the historic Square of Heavenly Peace and the impressive Great Wall of China.

A very special attraction for Easter are the beautiful cherry trees that bloom in March-April. You can admire the delicate cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park, for example, some distance west of the center. More than 2,000 cherry trees grow in the park, including 20 different species of cherries. The pink flower splendor is a sight that will not be forgotten in an instant.

You can also follow the flowering of cherries in Shanghai. Gucun Park and Shanghai Botanical Garden are great places to enjoy beautiful flowers and an idyllic atmosphere.

Spend a memorable Easter holiday in beautiful and fascinating China.

Easter holiday in Asia

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