Experiences on a Round Trip in Sri Lanka

Water sports

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Sinhalese benefit greatly from this. In addition to commercial fishing, the sea is used extensively for water sports of all kinds. Both the big waves and the enchanting wildlife below the surface create opportunities for good experiences.

On your tour of Sri Lanka you can snorkel, dive, surf and much more. Surfing in particular is a popular activity that many on a tour of Sri Lanka embrace. However, you should be aware that the waves in some areas can be extreme.

Equipped with snorkeling or diving equipment, you can really take part in the maritime life around Sri Lanka. Here, huge sea turtles swim around the cape with colorful fish in all shapes and sizes. It is also possible to spice up your round trip with whale watching.

Experiences with animals

According to Smartercomputing, Sri Lanka’s wildlife is full of contrasts and there are many ways to take part in this without harming the animals. You can e.g. Visit the elephant orphanage Pinnawela. Every year approx. 200 elephants killed and that leaves the cubs to themselves.

In the first years, baby elephants are deeply dependent on their mothers. Therefore, Pinnawela is often the rescue for abandoned elephant cubs. With a visit to the orphanage, you support the work here and become wiser about the busy everyday life of elephant caretakers.

Another great animal experience for your Sri Lanka round trip is to visit a turtle farm. Sea turtle eggs are considered a delicacy and therefore sea turtles are today an endangered species. On the country’s turtle farms, the eggs are cared for until they hatch, after which the chicks are put into the sea.


On your round trip in Sri Lanka, you must pay a visit to the Lion Rock, “Sigiriya”. The square rock formation carries on one of the most spectacular tales of the 5th Century.

Sigiriya towers 200 meters above the ground and is therefore the perfect place for a king in danger to reside. This was exactly what King Kasyapa did from the years 477 to 495. Here he built on the lavish kingdom that his father had begun before Kasyapa assassinated him and took over the throne.

Today, it is still possible to take the 1,202 steps to the top of the citadel. There is so much to admire here – beautiful rock paintings, water gardens on several levels and the huge lion paws carved into the rock wall at the gate.

Spice gardens

Sri Lanka is flourishing with spice gardens – and it is definitely worth a visit to one of the gardens on your round trip. A spice garden is far from the Danish kitchen garden that you might imagine.

This is a whole forest of different, fragrant spices, which grow side by side. It’s about having your nose in front when you, with your sense of smell as the best tool, have to smell what fantastic spices you are surrounded by.

Black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, nutmeg and cocoa – these are just a selection of all the spices that grow in the Sri Lankan spice gardens.

Combinations for round trip in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka and the Maldives

When your round trip in Sri Lanka draws to a close, you do not have to turn your nose towards Denmark. Hop on a flight to the paradise of the Maldives, which is just a 1.5 hour flight from Sri Lanka. The Maldives is perhaps the world’s most obvious place to spend a few days beach holiday on top of a busy tour of Sri Lanka. Bury your toes in the sand while taking a deep breath and enjoying the view of the endless ocean.

The Maldives consists of no less than 1,200 coral islands, of which 200 are inhabited by 350,000 islanders. The capital of the Maldives is called Malé, but tourists rarely visit the city itself. Malé is densely populated. Therefore, the many surrounding bounty islands are somewhat more inviting. The water is clear as crystal and the sand is white as snow, but the sun shines all year round and keeps the temperature high.

Trekking in Sri Lanka

A round trip in Sri Lanka can be extremely active if you wish. Through Tourist Travel, it is possible to create an active round trip in Sri Lanka, which offers both cycling through the green tea plantations. And trekking to beautiful vantage points from which you can admire the unique landscape.

Trekking is a different and gradually very popular way of traveling. As we feel the land creak under our feet, we have plenty of time to observe the landscape that unfolds right in front of our noses.

For every step we take, a new image will paint before our eyes and new impressions will have to be processed and stored in the inner scrapbook, Trekking adds at the same time some challenge and something meditative to your your Sri Lanka round trip.

Experiences with animals

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