GoPro Wants to Bring Its Action Cameras Further and Higher with Drones in 2016

GoPro It takes a few years as a reference in the sector of action cameras, and many expect to do a new movement, to dare to jump to other categories. At the moment, most novel that made was to create Hero 4 Session with the idea in mind of having a completely different model for what had been done so far. Fortunately, it seems that this conservatism is going to last bit and at the beginning of the coming year we will see the fruits of his research team. Not everything will be 360 videos.

Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, has confirmed in a talk at the TechCrunch Disrupt that they are working in a drone. A natural step for them since it is a type of product that is closely linked to the video recording. At the moment they have not confirmed details although they are running to be available in the first half of 2016.

A by the drones with cameras as protagonists

The CEO of the company was explaining that the development of this drone was going at a good pace and that today they were working What makes them different. This category will enter with force and with the experience of the cameras but knowing that there are companies like DJI and Parrot, especially the first, which will be very difficult to.

Up there could count us a Nick Woodman who has not disclosed details of the drone. Taking into account the current portfolio of GoPro, everything makes us think that This will be a high-end device likely to compete with the main consumer drones industry heavyweight: DJI.

Apart from the drone, Nick took to do a review of other aspects of your business as for example sales of cameras. They say that they are doing well but not so much as you would like and explained that the reason for your complaint was in the cycles of renewal and that having cameras as strong, it was difficult to encourage customers who already have GoPros.

In the part of optimization and software recognized that they are working to improve your cloud and facilitate the work for power users automate the process. Nick gave to understand that they want to do something similar to what offers for example Google photos or Dropbox: when the device automatically connects to a WiFi, begins to upload the content to a network and then see the content in raw or already edited ready to share on social networks. Remember that long ago began to give support to Meerkat.

We will see if this step that seems logical serves to bring us a good product. Today the drones of recreational share the same problem: batteries last very little, We saw it with the Bebop Drone Parrot in our analysis. Where can most make a difference is in what they know to do well: cameras video in this category there are competitors who are at a good level.