Handheld Game Consoles… One That Aims at War

Lately are leaving a lot of news about the specifications of the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, portable console that will go on the market in the coming months. Not content with the “war” that is expected between the two large, it seems that there are other manufacturers with less name which also want to join the fight: the English manufacturer Tiger Telematics is about to launch its Gizmondo handheld console.

The console has a 400 MHz ARM processor, 2.8 screen inches and uses the Windows CE operating system. In addition to the capabilities to play the new console incorporates other features: is a phone triband GSM, supports GPRS and Bluetooth, MP3 files with Windows Media Player and has GPS and digital camera. Too many things to a simple portable console? It is the eternal question between the convergence of devices (like NGage making everything) and the non-convergence (to play Gameboy, phone for talking, iPod and PDA on the other side, etc…)

As always, the success of this console is determined by the quantity and quality of available games. In principle, it seems difficult that developers schedule for a console that is not Sony or Nintendo, but taking into account that uses Windows it is possible to have a base of easily portable games to this platform. In any case, the market of portable consoles will be “warm” this Christmas….