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Brand Facts: 

  • Hitachi is a Japanese brand providing a wide range of electronic products including telecommunication systems, powder systems, automotive systems, digital products and other accessories. See countryaah for more about Japan.
  • They focus on developing high quality products and technology especially for public infrastructure in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the society and improve the living standards of people as well.

Main Categories: 

Information & telecommunication systems, powder systems, social infrastructure, electronic systems & equipments, construction machinery, high functional materials & components, automotive systems, digital media & consumer products, financial services, other accessories

Hitachi Digital Cameras


Time and place: 1910, Japan

Early products: electric induction motor

Founder: Namihei Odaira

Headquarter Location: 

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Map of Tokyo, Japan

Map of Tokyo, Japan

Store Locations: 

Countryaah: Japan and worldwide


Chairman: Takashi Kawamura

President: Hiroaki Nakanishi

New Arrivals:


Price Range: 

Digital cameras: £25-£99.99

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