Hot Wheels Racer Video, Cameras Arrive at Mattel Toys

You have to see as they move the toys when the technology gets through, and is that we don’t have to see what the boys of Mattel they prepare with their new products based on the license Hot Wheels, you know, the miniature cars which are released by loops of plastic.

I don’t know if the essence is still the same, but it was necessary to innovate in some sense, and so have built-in cameras front and an LCD display in the basement of the small cars. The name of this new series of Mattel is Video Racer, and we can see it in the video below:

Now we can videotape our paths with vehicles, getting a point of view of the rather special action, which we can then transport to the computer and Edit in a program created for the occasion, with the we can mix videos, include transitions and even add a soundtrack.

Connection to the computer is done through USB, and the system is capable of recording up to 12 minutes a video of up to 60 images per second, we don’t know the resolution which makes it.

For those who think that Mattel has designed toy thinking its circuitry, it has also created a spice of protective capsule to take them over, and that does not happen to them nothing in other more complicated situations (place in a helmet, a skate board, ect).

Video Racer It will be shown in the North American market in autumn, at a price of $60 per vehicle (cables and editing software included). I do not think that impediment to the end leaving the European market.