Indiana General Information


Indiana means “the land of the Indians”. It is a US state, the capital is Indianapolis. According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, he postal abbreviation of the state is IN. The residents of Indiana are called “Hoosier”.

Indiana Population


The Hoosier State



Biggest town



Rank (within the US): 38th out of 50 states

Total: 94,321 km²

Land: 92,897 km²

Water (%): 1,424 km² (1.51%)


Rank (within the US): 14th out of 50 states

Total (2000): 6,080,485

Density: 64 / km

State membership

Place: 19th

Since: December 11, 1816


Time zone: Eastern: UTC -5

Central: UTC -6 / -5

Latitude: 37 ° 47’N to 41 ° 46’N

Longitude 84 ° 49’W to 88 ° 4’W

Width: 225 km

Length: 435 km

Highest position: 383 m

Average location: 210 m

Lowest position: 98 m

Indiana State Flag


Indiana is bounded in the north by Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan, in the east by Ohio, and in the south Indiana shares the Ohio with Kentucky as a border river, in the west is Illinois. List of counties in Indiana.


Before the first Europeans came to Indiana, the Delaware, Miami, Patawatomi, Shawnee, and Wea Indians lived there. 1679 entered the French Researchers from the north of the country. From 1763 the land fell to the British, who initially hardly used it. In 1787 Indiana became part of the Northwest Territory and in 1800 got its own territory.

Indiana became the 19th state to join the union in 1816.

Thomas Guff Mansion


Indiana’s residents are 91% white and 8% black. Today around 13,000 Indians still live in the country. Immigration comes mainly from Asia (30,000 Asians) and Latin America (100,000 Latinos). Indiana is a low urbanization state and therefore predominantly small towns and medium-sized centers.

The largest city and capital at the same time is Indianapolis, where one of the most famous car races in the world, the so-called Brickyard of Indianapolis, takes place over 500 miles every year.


The gross national product in 1999 was 182 billion US dollars; thus Indiana took 15th place among the states of the USA. The per capita income was $ 27,011. The state’s main agricultural products are corn, soybeans, pigs, cattle, dairy products, and eggs. Industrial products include steel, electronics, logistics equipment, chemical products, refined oil, coal products, and engineering.


State bird: Red Cardinal

State flower: peony

State song: “On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away”

State tree: tulip tree


What a tourist can expect from a city is often reflected in how the travel destination is received in one’s own country. Indianapolis has become a popular city for US families in recent years. It’s not a miracle.

The capital of Indiana has a lot to offer that children and teenagers can enjoy – not to mention the attractions for adult travelers.

Enjoy Indianapolis in a relaxed “open air” way

Yes, Indianapolis is a turbulent city with around 830,000 inhabitants. And yes, cars rule in Indianapolis – both as an economic factor and because of the legendary car races that have been and will be held here. But parallel to this there is also a relaxed Indianapolis that is completely in touch with nature, which is worth discovering. A whole abundance of parks and large gardens await the guest, in which one can effortlessly spend a whole day.

Here is just a small selection: A real must-see, especially with children, is the Indianapolis Zoo. Thanks to its central location, it can be easily reached from any hotel. Here you can not only marvel at wild animals such as elephants, rhinos and giraffes, but there are also cute inhabitants such as dolphins.

If the little ones need exercise, Fort Harrison Park is recommended to all parents. In this huge area there is not only a great, extensive network of cycle paths, but also many playgrounds and play areas that are particularly child-friendly. The picnic areas ensure that the holiday budget is not strained too much. Even most fathers should get their money’s worth here. A part of the park is used as a military training area and can be visited. The absolute highlight for outdoor activities, however, is likely to be the tropical park with the beautiful name “Butterfly Paradise”. Hundreds of unusual butterfly species are at home here in the truest sense of the word. You can also observe a lot of small bird species, which can otherwise only be seen in tropical climes. The area is very extensive. Generously laid out and cozy picnic areas, however, allow rest breaks. So please don’t forget to pack a few sandwiches!

Indiana Counties and County Seats

According to Countryaah, there are a total of 92 counties in the state of Indiana.

  1. Adams County (County Seat: Decatur)
  2. Allen County (County Seat: Fort Wayne)
  3. Bartholomew County (County Seat: Columbus)
  4. Benton County (County Seat: Fowler)
  5. Blackford County (County Seat: Hartford City)
  6. Boone County (County Seat: Lebanon)
  7. Brown County (County Seat: Nashville)
  8. Carroll County (County Seat: Delphi)
  9. Cass County (County Seat: Logansport)
  10. Clark County (County Seat: Jeffersonville)
  11. Clay County (County Seat: Brazil)
  12. Clinton County (County Seat: Frankfort)
  13. Crawford County (County Seat: English)
  14. Daviess County (County Seat: Washington)
  15. Dearborn County (County Seat: Lawrenceburg)
  16. Decatur County (County Seat: Greensburg)
  17. DeKalb County (County Seat: Auburn)
  18. Delaware County (County Seat: Muncie)
  19. Dubois County (County Seat: Jasper)
  20. Elkhart County (County Seat: Goshen)
  21. Fayette County (County Seat: Connersville)
  22. Floyd County (County Seat: New Albany)
  23. Fountain County (County Seat: Covington)
  24. Franklin County (County Seat: Brookville)
  25. Fulton County (County Seat: Rochester)
  26. Gibson County (County Seat: Princeton)
  27. Grant County (County Seat: Marion)
  28. Greene County (County Seat: Bloomfield)
  29. Hamilton County (County Seat: Noblesville)
  30. Hancock County (County Seat: Greenfield)
  31. Harrison County (County Seat: Corydon)
  32. Hendricks County (County Seat: Danville)
  33. Henry County (County Seat: New Castle)
  34. Howard County (County Seat: Kokomo)
  35. Huntington County (County Seat: Huntington)
  36. Jackson County (County Seat: Brownstown)
  37. Jasper County (County Seat: Rensselaer)
  38. Jay County (County Seat: Portland)
  39. Jefferson County (County Seat: Madison)
  40. Jennings County (County Seat: Vernon)
  41. Johnson County (County Seat: Franklin)
  42. Knox County (County Seat: Vincennes)
  43. Kosciusko County (County Seat: Warsaw)
  44. Lagrange County (County Seat: Lagrange)
  45. Lake County (County Seat: Crown Point)
  46. LaPorte County (County Seat: LaPorte)
  47. Lawrence County (County Seat: Bedford)
  48. Madison County (County Seat: Anderson)
  49. Marion County (County Seat: Indianapolis)
  50. Marshall County (County Seat: Plymouth)
  51. Martin County (County Seat: Shoals)
  52. Miami County (County Seat: Peru)
  53. Monroe County (County Seat: Bloomington)
  54. Montgomery County (County Seat: Crawfordsville)
  55. Morgan County (County Seat: Martinsville)
  56. Newton County (County Seat: Kentland)
  57. Noble County (County Seat: Albion)
  58. Ohio County (County Seat: Rising Sun)
  59. Orange County (County Seat: Paoli)
  60. Owen County (County Seat: Spencer)
  61. Parke County (County Seat: Rockville)
  62. Perry County (County Seat: Tell City)
  63. Pike County (County Seat: Petersburg)
  64. Porter County (County Seat: Valparaiso)
  65. Posey County (County Seat: Mount Vernon)
  66. Pulaski County (County Seat: Winamac)
  67. Putnam County (County Seat: Greencastle)
  68. Randolph County (County Seat: Winchester)
  69. Ripley County (County Seat: Versailles)
  70. Rush County (County Seat: Rushville)
  71. St. Joseph County (County Seat: South Bend)
  72. Scott County (County Seat: Scottsburg)
  73. Shelby County (County Seat: Shelbyville)
  74. Spencer County (County Seat: Rockport)
  75. Starke County (County Seat: Knox)
  76. Steuben County (County Seat: Angola)
  77. Sullivan County (County Seat: Sullivan)
  78. Switzerland County (County Seat: Vevay)
  79. Tippecanoe County (County Seat: Lafayette)
  80. Tipton County (County Seat: Tipton)
  81. Union County (County Seat: Liberty)
  82. Vanderburgh County (County Seat: Evansville)
  83. Vermillion County (County Seat: Newport)
  84. Vigo County (County Seat: Terre Haute)
  85. Wabash County (County Seat: Wabash)
  86. Warren County (County Seat: Williamsport)
  87. Warrick County (County Seat: Boonville)
  88. Washington County (County Seat: Salem)
  89. Wayne County (County Seat: Richmond)
  90. Wells County (County Seat: Bluffton)
  91. White County (County Seat: Monticello)
  92. Whitley County (County Seat: Columbia City)

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