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Abbreviated as KY on ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, Kentucky is counted to the southern states of the USA and joined the union as the 15th state. The name of the state of Kentucky comes from the Indian word of the Iroquois Ken-tah-ten, which means “land of the future”. It is known as “Bluegrass State”, which means the blue-green flowering grass pastures from March to April.

Kentucky Population


Bluegrass State



Biggest town



Rank (within the US): 37th out of 50 states

Total: 104,749 km²

Land: 102,989 km²

Water (%): 1,760 km² (1.7%)


Rank (within the US): 25th out of 50 states

Total (2000): 4,041,769

Density: 39 / km²

State membership

Place: 15th

Since: June 1, 1792


Time zone: Eastern: UTC -5 / -4

Central: UTC -6 / -5

Latitude: 36 ° 30’N to 39 ° 9’N

Longitude 81 ° 58’W to 89 ° 34’W

Width: 225 km

Length: 610 km

Highest position: 1,262 m

Average location: 230 m

Lowest position: 78 m

Kentucky State Flag


Kentucky borders the Midwest and the deep south of the United States. It lies between West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. In the north it is bounded by the Ohio River. There are five main regions: the Cumberland Mountains, the Cumberland Plateau in the southeast, the Bluegrass region in the north, the Pennyroyal Plateau, also known as Pennyrile, in the south and west, the coal fields in the west and the Jackson Purchase in the far west.

The most populous cities are the metropolises Lexington and Louisville, the latter city having a much larger inner-city population. In northern Kentucky there are a large number of small towns along the Ohio that also make up a special metropolitan area.


There are 4,041,769 residents in Kentucky.


Kentucky is one of the four states that call themselves the Commonwealth. Kentucky was originally a county of Virginia. Ten of the constitutional conventions took place in the Danville, Kentucky court house, 1784–1792. In 1790 the Kentucky deputies accepted Virginia’s exit conditions, so that the state constitution could finally be ratified in April 1792.

Eventually, on June 1, 1792, Kentucky became the Union’s 15th state and Isaac Shelby, a hero of the Revolutionary War, became the first governor of the young Commonwealth. On May 20, 1861, Kentucky tried to maintain its neutrality in the Civil War by proclamation. However, when Confederate troops invaded the state on September 3, 1861, they took sides with the Union.

After the war, however, in view of the aggressive policies of repression of the northern states during the reconstruction phase (1865–1877), they demonstratively sided with the south. Kentucky has been a safe bet for the Democrats ever since.


The capital of Kentucky is the more rural Frankfort. The current governor is Ernie Fletcher. Meanwhile, Kentucky is represented in the Senate by Jim Running and Mitch McConnell (both Republicans).


The gross national product per capita in 2000 was US $ 24,294. Agriculture is famous for its horse breeding, but it also makes mundane things like cattle, dairy products, tobacco, pigs, soybeans, and grain. The industry produces automobile parts, chemical products, electrical goods, machinery, tobacco products and coal.

Current economic development

On August 4, 2004, the American tire manufacturer Continental confirmed in its sales report that it intends to discontinue tire production at the US plant in Mayfield in Kentucky at the end of the year for an indefinite period of time due to restructuring measures, despite otherwise favorable forecasts.


Public transport in Kentucky can only be described as inadequate, as the state is astonishingly not connected to the rail network when it comes to passenger transport and the Greyhound buses, although serving the interstates in the south of the major metropolises, neglect many localities. The large number of toll booths on the highways also requires drivers to have small change ready at all times.


Cave formation in “Violet City”, Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky Derby in Louisville Cumberland Falls State Park Mammoth Cave National Park (see picture), the world’s largest cave system with a total length of over 300 km Red River Gorge Geological Area Visit any whiskey Fort Knox Distillery (drive past only) Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site in Hodgenville.

Big South Fork


Crowds at the Kentucky Derby, around 1930 Muhammad Ali, boxer, Olympic and heavyweight world champion, Louisville Alben W. Barkley, Vice President, Graves Cty Daniel Boone, Kentucky’s explorer Kit Carson, scout and pioneer, Madison Cty George Clooney, film actor, Lexington Rosemary Clooney, singer, Maysville Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederation, Fairview Johnny Depp, Film Actor, Owensboro Irene Dunne, Actress, Louisville Crystal Gayle, Singer, Paintsville David W. Griffith, Film Producer, Oldham Cty Abraham Lincoln, President, Hodgenville Thomas Hunt Morgan, Nobel Prize in Medicine, Lexington John Michael Montgomery, country singer, Danville Allen Tate, poet and critic, Winchester List of Kentucky Governors


Kentucky and its roughly 4 million people are probably best known for their thoroughbred horses, the famous Kentucky Derby and the local whiskey breweries. Depending on the situation, the residents do not know exactly whether they should count themselves among the northern or southern states. And so it is not surprising that two of her most famous sons stood on different sides as presidents during the Civil War: Abraham Lincoln as President of the Union and Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederation.

State bird: Red Cardinal

Anthem: “My Old Kentucky Home” by Stephen Collins Foster, 1853

State motto: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

Kentucky Counties and County Seats

According to Countryaah, there are a total of 120 counties in the state of Kentucky.

  1. Adair County (County Seat: Columbia)
  2. Allen County (County Seat: Scottsville)
  3. Anderson County (County Seat: Lawrenceburg)
  4. Ballard County (County Seat: Wickliffe)
  5. Barren County (County Seat: Glasgow)
  6. Bath County (County Seat: Owingsville)
  7. Bell County (County Seat: Pineville)
  8. Boone County (County Seat: Burlington)
  9. Bourbon County (County Seat: Paris)
  10. Boyd County (County Seat: Catlettsburg)
  11. Boyle County (County Seat: Danville)
  12. Bracken County (County Seat: Brooksville)
  13. Breathitt County (County Seat: Jackson)
  14. Breckinridge County (County Seat: Hardinsburg)
  15. Bullitt County (County Seat: Shepherdsville)
  16. Butler County (County Seat: Morgantown)
  17. Caldwell County (County Seat: Princeton)
  18. Calloway County (County Seat: Murray)
  19. Campbell County (County Seat: Alexandria)
  20. Carlisle County (County Seat: Bardwell)
  21. Carroll County (County Seat: Carrollton)
  22. Carter County (County Seat: Grayson)
  23. Casey County (County Seat: Liberty)
  24. Christian County (County Seat: Hopkinsville)
  25. Clark County (County Seat: Winchester)
  26. Clay County (County Seat: Manchester)
  27. Clinton County (County Seat: Albany)
  28. Crittenden County (County Seat: Marion)
  29. Cumberland County (County Seat: Burkesville)
  30. Daviess County (County Seat: Owensboro)
  31. Edmonson County (County Seat: Brownsville)
  32. Elliott County (County Seat: Sandy Hook)
  33. Estill County (County Seat: Irvine)
  34. Fayette County (County Seat: Lexington)
  35. Fleming County (County Seat: Flemingsburg)
  36. Floyd County (County Seat: Prestonsburg)
  37. Franklin County (County Seat: Frankfort)
  38. Fulton County (County Seat: Hickman)
  39. Gallatin County (County Seat: Warsaw)
  40. Garrard County (County Seat: Lancaster)
  41. Grant County (County Seat: Williamstown)
  42. Graves County (County Seat: Mayfield)
  43. Grayson County (County Seat: Leitchfield)
  44. Green County (County Seat: Greensburg)
  45. Greenup County (County Seat: Greenup)
  46. Hancock County (County Seat: Hawesville)
  47. Hardin County (County Seat: Elizabethtown)
  48. Harlan County (County Seat: Harlan)
  49. Harrison County (County Seat: Cynthiana)
  50. Hart County (County Seat: Munfordville)
  51. Henderson County (County Seat: Henderson)
  52. Henry County (County Seat: New Castle)
  53. Hickman County (County Seat: Clinton)
  54. Hopkins County (County Seat: Madisonville)
  55. Jackson County (County Seat: McKee)
  56. Jefferson County (County Seat: Louisville)
  57. Jessamine County (County Seat: Nicholasville)
  58. Johnson County (County Seat: Paintsville)
  59. Kenton County (County Seat: Independence)
  60. Knott County (County Seat: Hindman)
  61. Knox County (County Seat: Barbourville)
  62. Larue County (County Seat: Hodgenville)
  63. Laurel County (County Seat: London)
  64. Lawrence County (County Seat: Louisa)
  65. Lee County (County Seat: Beattyville)
  66. Leslie County (County Seat: Hyden)
  67. Letcher County (County Seat: Whitesburg)
  68. Lewis County (County Seat: Vanceburg)
  69. Lincoln County (County Seat: Stanford)
  70. Livingston County (County Seat: Smithland)
  71. Logan County (County Seat: Russellville)
  72. Lyon County (County Seat: Eddyville)
  73. Madison County (County Seat: Richmond)
  74. Magoffin County (County Seat: Salyersville)
  75. Marion County (County Seat: Lebanon)
  76. Marshall County (County Seat: Benton)
  77. Martin County (County Seat: Inez)
  78. Mason County (County Seat: Maysville)
  79. McCracken County (County Seat: Paducah)
  80. McCreary County (County Seat: Whitley City)
  81. McLean County (County Seat: Calhoun)
  82. Meade County (County Seat: Brandenburg)
  83. Menifee County (County Seat: Frenchburg)
  84. Mercer County (County Seat: Harrodsburg)
  85. Metcalfe County (County Seat: Edmonton)
  86. Monroe County (County Seat: Tompkinsville)
  87. Montgomery County (County Seat: Mt. Sterling)
  88. Morgan County (County Seat: West Liberty)
  89. Muhlenberg County (County Seat: Greenville)
  90. Nelson County (County Seat: Bardstown)
  91. Nicholas County (County Seat: Carlisle)
  92. Ohio County (County Seat: Hartford)
  93. Oldham County (County Seat: La Grange)
  94. Owen County (County Seat: Owenton)
  95. Owsley County (County Seat: Booneville)
  96. Pendleton County (County Seat: Falmouth)
  97. Perry County (County Seat: Hazard)
  98. Pike County (County Seat: Pikeville)
  99. Powell County (County Seat: Stanton)
  100. Pulaski County (County Seat: Somerset)
  101. Robertson County (County Seat: Mt. Olivet)
  102. Rockcastle County (County Seat: Mt. Vernon)
  103. Rowan County (County Seat: Morehead)
  104. Russell County (County Seat: Jamestown)
  105. Scott County (County Seat: Georgetown)
  106. Shelby County (County Seat: Shelbyville)
  107. Simpson County (County Seat: Franklin)
  108. Spencer County (County Seat: Taylorsville)
  109. Taylor County (County Seat: Campbellsville)
  110. Todd County (County Seat: Elkton)
  111. Trigg County (County Seat: Cadiz)
  112. Trimble County (County Seat: Bedford)
  113. Union County (County Seat: Morganfield)
  114. Warren County (County Seat: Bowling Green)
  115. Washington County (County Seat: Springfield)
  116. Wayne County (County Seat: Monticello)
  117. Webster County (County Seat: Dixon)
  118. Whitley County (County Seat: Williamsburg)
  119. Wolfe County (County Seat: Campton)
  120. Woodford County (County Seat: Versailles)

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