Live stream MOVI: 4K-Kamera allows live editing with iOS app-all info and articles

The provider of live streaming platform Livestream has introduced a new hardware solution. This time, it is an external 4K-Kamera, which allows a cutting between different perspectives in combination with the iOS app.

The small white or black camera from live stream named MOVI offers optimum conditions with the 4K-Sensor and a wide-angle lens with 150 degrees for a live stream in combination with the software features of iOS app.

While the hardware is an important basis, the interesting part of MOVI in the app can be found. Thanks to the 4 k resolution can be cut into it using the app, inter alia in areas of the video frame.

What shows live stream in a video:

The app allows the creation of up to 9 different virtual cameras. These can most easily directly produced the finger, about where to “draw a box around the interesting area”.

This box can then either remain static or keep track of the contents of the box. This is done among other things using a face detection. In the future, also a speech should be possible, so that the camera can automatically switch between several people.

After you have chosen the interesting perspectives, these can be activated during the live streams with a click.

Alternatively, you can save the cut video only on the device. The unedited 4K-Video can also save on a microSD card MOVI.

The battery of MOVI to endure an hour according to the manufacturer. With the help of MOVI boost, an optional stand, which is waterproof, the battery life can be extended to 10 hours. It offers also an Ethernet port to enable a more secure connection for the live stream.

The connection with the iPhone or iPad succeed via Wi-Fi. The camera can either create an own Wi-Fi or connect to an existing network.

MOVI can immediately at the price of $ 199 (nearly 185 euros) directly from the manufacturer available for pre-order. The regular price is $399. MOVI Pro, the combination of a camera and the battery stand, is available for $ 399. Here, the normal price is $649. Delivery is to begin each April 2016.

To use the live-stream function assumes a subscription with Livestream. These subscriptions start at around $ 8 per month.