Malta Attractions


Surrounded by crystal clear water, the Maltese islands are a paradise for active vacationers. Many climbing rocks and cliffs are easily accessible by car and offer climbers different levels of difficulty. Away from the tourist trail, hiking trails lead along the imposing coast and through picturesque villages. Malta and Gozo are home to some good diving schools offering diving courses and spectacular trips to underwater landscapes, caves and wrecks. In addition to good tennis courts, the Sport Club in Marsa has an 18-hole golf course.

Manoel Theater Valletta

The only theater on the island, the Manoel Theater in Valletta, dates back to the 18th century. Drama, opera and ballet performances take place in the oldest theater in Europe. A visit to this impressive building is worthwhile even without a performance. In the oval theater space, there is space for over 600 visitors on four tiers. The baroque building has hand-painted wood interiors and a 22-karat gold plated ceiling.

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Valletta’s St. John’s Co-Cathedral

The St. John’s Co-Cathedral in the center of the capital appears inconspicuous from the outside, but inside it reveals a magnificent and baroque beauty. Dedicated to John the Baptist, the Cathedral is the second official residence of the Bishop of Malta. The floor consists of 400 grave slabs. Famous works of art and ornaments adorn the walls, and there is also an interesting museum on the site of the church. Caravaggio’s well-known painting The Beheading of St. John is on display in the Oratory.


The small island of Comino between Malta and Gozo smells of the many wild herbs that grow on it. Numerous caves are hidden on the steeply sloping coast. Comino used to be a base for pirates, today there is a small hotel and hidden bathing bays, a campsite and a bungalow settlement. Among the most beautiful sights of the island are the Blue Lagoon, St. Marija Tower, which offers a beautiful view, a small church and a police station.

Beaches in Malta

Malta not only has crystal clear water, but also very beautiful beaches. The largest beaches are Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay. Various water sports are offered on these sandy beaches. Small and quiet beach bays can be found in St. Julian and Paradise Bay on the north coast, in St. Paul on Pwales Bay, Ghajn Tuffieha Bay below a cliff and Peters Pool in the southeast of the island. Armier Strand, north of Mellieha and away from the tourist crowds, is particularly popular with young people and families.

The Barrakka Gardens

The Upper Barrakka Garden is a stylish garden complex dating back to 1661. It is located on a hill in the capital city of Valletta. Originally designed as a private garden, it is now a public square where you can stroll among all kinds of plants and imposing growths. Statues and busts of well-known personalities stand between the partly exotic plants. There is a lift at the entrance that takes you down to the port. Impressive cruise ships from all countries are anchored there. At Valletta’s city walls is the entrance to the Lower Barrakka Garden. This garden is slightly smaller than the Upper Barraka Garden. In addition to the green areas, it has an impressive monument reminiscent of a temple.

Valletta’s Grand Harbour

As early as the Middle Ages, the Grand Harbor in Valletta served the Knights of the Order of St. John as the most important port facility in the Mediterranean. In the vicinity of the spacious port, many adjacent places emerged. A huge terminal for cruise ships has been built in recent years. In this course, the environment developed according to the needs of the Grand Harbor. There are numerous caf├ęs, bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. The most beautiful view of the impressive harbor is from a water taxi or on a harbor tour.

Rotunda of Mosta

The north west town of Mosta is one of Malta’s oldest settlements and served as a haven for locals from pirates in the Middle Ages. Today Mosta is one of the largest cities on the island. The main attraction of the beautiful city is the Rotunda of Mosta, a huge church that impresses with one of the world’s largest church domes. A miracle took place in the church during World War II: an aircraft bomb pierced the dome but did not explode. This aerial bomb is on display at the Valletta War Museum.

Popeye Village

Near the town of Mellieha, the film set Popeye Village was created in the diving resort of Anchor Bay in the 80s. This romantic film set has since grown into a large amusement park, which is one of Malta’s most visited attractions. Popeye Village is open daily and offers many family-friendly attractions. There are rides, carousels, shows and a museum. As tourists stroll through the grounds of colorful wooden houses, they occasionally encounter the characters of Popeye and his friends.

Popeye Village

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