Missouri General Information


Abbreviated as MO on ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, the state of Missouri was named after the Missouri River and the indigenous people of the same name belonging to the Sioux language family. Missouri means “city of great canoes”. Missouri is a US state in the Midwest. The capital is Jefferson City. The state is also popularly called the Show Me State; the common abbreviation for the state is MO. The state university is in Columbia. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers flow through the state.

Missouri Population


Show Me State


Jefferson City

Biggest town

Kansas City


Rank (within the US): 21st out of 50 states

Total: 180,693 km²

Land: 178,590 km²

Water (%): 2,101 km² (1.16%)


Rank (within the US): 17th out of 50 states

Total (2000): 5,595,211

Density: 31 / km²

State membership

Place: 24th

Since: August 10, 1821


Time zone: Central: UTC –6 / –5

Latitude: 36 ° N to 40 ° 35’N

Longitude 89 ° 6’W to 95 ° 42’W

Width: 385 km

Length: 480 km

Highest position: 540 m

Average location: 240 m

Lowest position: 70 m

Missouri State Flag

Missouri’s riparian states are Iowa in the north, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee in the east behind the Mississippi, and Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska (behind the Missouri River) in the south Arkansas in the west. North of the Missouri are the northern plains that protrude into Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. The Ozark Plateau stands out south of the river and extends into Arkansas and Oklahoma. Springfield, Missouri, in southwest Missouri, is located on the Ozark Plateau. The Ozark Mountains begin in southern Missouri. In southeast Missouri, in the fertile plains of the Mississippi, cotton and rice are grown.


Missouri national territory was part of the area that was bought from France as Louisiana. Missouri became a state in 1821 as part of the Missouri Compromise. Missouri was also known as the “Gateway to the West” because it was a transit country for settlers on their way to the west. During the American Civil War, Missouri, which professed slavery, separated from the United States with the other southern states.


The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City. The current governor is Bob Holden (Democrat). Missouri provides 9 districts in the House of Representatives. The current Missouri Constitution, the fourth of the state, was passed in 1945 and embodies the separation of powers. Legislation takes place through a bicameral system: through a House of Representatives and a Senate. Both make up the Missouri Federal Assembly.


As of the 2000 census, the population was found to be 5,595,211. The biggest cities are St. Louis and Kansas City. The population growth is 0.6% (478,310) based on 1990. 84.9% (4,748,083) are white, 2.1% (118,592) are Hispanics, 11.2% (629,391) are black, 1, 1% (61,595) are of Asian descent, 0.4% (25,076) are Native Americans or Alaskan descent, 0.1% (3,178) are Hawaiian or Polynesian, 0.8% (45,827) are of other ancestry, and 1.5% (82.061) belong to a heterogeneous descent (mixed race).

6.6% of the population is younger than 5 years, 25.5% are under 18, 13.5% are 65 years or older. The female share of the population is 51.4%.

5.1% of Missouri residents speak a language other than English.

Birth and Death Rates: Births: 74,037 Deaths: 54,322 Child Deaths: 564 151,196 of Missouri’s residents are foreigners. 81.3% have a high school degree, 21.6% have a university degree (bachelor’s).

About 20% of the population are of the Catholic denomination; especially in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. Baptists, Methodists and Lutherans are among the Protestant denominations. The Mormon center is in Independence near Kansas City.


Missouri’s gross national product in 1999 was $ 170 billion. Missouri ranks 18th in the USA. The gross income per capita in 2000 was $ 27,445. The most important branches of industry are aviation technology, logistics, agriculture and the food industry, chemistry, printing industry, electronics. Agricultural production is focused on beef, beans, pork, hay, corn, poultry and eggs. Missouri has large reserves of limestone. Other natural resources are lead and coal. The construction industry is supplied with cement and gravel from here. Tourism and services are other important industries.


St. Louis Kansas City Springfield Columbia – The University of Missouri is here. Branson Cape Girardeau Saint Genevieve – the oldest European settlement west of the Mississippi. St. Joseph – The Pony Express started here. Hannibal – This is where Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens lived. Independence Saint Charles – the beginning of the expedition by Lewis and Clark. Aurora Rolla Jefferson City – The capital. Sedalia Joplin.

Clock tower of the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis

Missouri Counties and County Seats

According to Countryaah, there are a total of 114 counties in the state of Missouri.

  1. Adair County (County Seat: Kirksville)
  2. Andrew County (County Seat: Savannah)
  3. Atchison County (County Seat: Rock Port)
  4. Audrain County (County Seat: Mexico)
  5. Barry County (County Seat: Cassville)
  6. Barton County (County Seat: Lamar)
  7. Bates County (County Seat: Butler)
  8. Benton County (County Seat: Warsaw)
  9. Bollinger County (County Seat: Marble Hill)
  10. Boone County (County Seat: Columbia)
  11. Buchanan County (County Seat: St. Joseph)
  12. Butler County (County Seat: Poplar Bluff)
  13. Caldwell County (County Seat: Kingston)
  14. Callaway County (County Seat: Fulton)
  15. Camden County (County Seat: Camdenton)
  16. Cape Girardeau County (County Seat: Jackson)
  17. Carroll County (County Seat: Carrollton)
  18. Carter County (County Seat: Van Buren)
  19. Cass County (County Seat: Harrisonville)
  20. Cedar County (County Seat: Stockton)
  21. Chariton County (County Seat: Keytesville)
  22. Christian County (County Seat: Ozark)
  23. Clark County (County Seat: Kahoka)
  24. Clay County (County Seat: Liberty)
  25. Clinton County (County Seat: Plattsburg)
  26. Cole County (County Seat: Jefferson City)
  27. Cooper County (County Seat: Boonville)
  28. Crawford County (County Seat: Steelville)
  29. Dade County (County Seat: Greenfield)
  30. Dallas County (County Seat: Buffalo)
  31. Daviess County (County Seat: Gallatin)
  32. De Kalb County (County Seat: Maysville)
  33. Dent County (County Seat: Salem)
  34. Douglas County (County Seat: Ava)
  35. Dunklin County (County Seat: Kennett)
  36. Franklin County (County Seat: Union)
  37. Gasconade County (County Seat: Hermann)
  38. Gentry County (County Seat: Albany)
  39. Greene County (County Seat: Springfield)
  40. Grundy County (County Seat: Trenton)
  41. Harrison County (County Seat: Bethany)
  42. Henry County (County Seat: Clinton)
  43. Hickory County (County Seat: Hermitage)
  44. Holt County (County Seat: Oregon)
  45. Howard County (County Seat: Fayette)
  46. Howell County (County Seat: West Plains)
  47. Iron County (County Seat: Ironton)
  48. Jackson County (County Seat: Independence)
  49. Jasper County (County Seat: Carthage)
  50. Jefferson County (County Seat: Hillsboro)
  51. Johnson County (County Seat: Warrensburg)
  52. Knox County (County Seat: Edina)
  53. Laclede County (County Seat: Lebanon)
  54. Lafayette County (County Seat: Lexington)
  55. Lawrence County (County Seat: Mount Vernon)
  56. Lewis County (County Seat: Monticello)
  57. Lincoln County (County Seat: Troy)
  58. Linn County (County Seat: Linneus)
  59. Livingston County (County Seat: Chillicothe)
  60. Macon County (County Seat: Macon)
  61. Madison County (County Seat: Fredericktown)
  62. Maries County (County Seat: Vienna)
  63. Marion County (County Seat: Palmyra)
  64. McDonald County (County Seat: Pineville)
  65. Mercer County (County Seat: Princeton)
  66. Miller County (County Seat: Tuscumbia)
  67. Mississippi County (County Seat: Charleston)
  68. Moniteau County (County Seat: California)
  69. Monroe County (County Seat: Paris)
  70. Montgomery County (County Seat: Montgomery City)
  71. Morgan County (County Seat: Versailles)
  72. New Madrid County (County Seat: New Madrid)
  73. Newton County (County Seat: Neosho)
  74. Nodaway County (County Seat: Maryville)
  75. Oregon County (County Seat: Alton)
  76. Osage County (County Seat: Linn)
  77. Ozark County (County Seat: Gainesville)
  78. Pemiscot County (County Seat: Caruthersville)
  79. Perry County (County Seat: Perryville)
  80. Pettis County (County Seat: Sedalia)
  81. Phelps County (County Seat: Rolla)
  82. Pike County (County Seat: Bowling Green)
  83. Platte County (County Seat: Platte City)
  84. Polk County (County Seat: Bolivar)
  85. Pulaski County (County Seat: Waynesville)
  86. Putnam County (County Seat: Unionville)
  87. Ralls County (County Seat: New London)
  88. Randolph County (County Seat: Huntsville)
  89. Ray County (County Seat: Richmond)
  90. Reynolds County (County Seat: Centerville)
  91. Ripley County (County Seat: Doniphan)
  92. Saline County (County Seat: Marshall)
  93. Schuyler County (County Seat: Lancaster)
  94. Scotland County (County Seat: Memphis)
  95. Scott County (County Seat: Benton)
  96. Shannon County (County Seat: Eminence)
  97. Shelby County (County Seat: Shelbyville)
  98. St. Charles County (County Seat: St. Charles)
  99. St. Clair County (County Seat: Osceola)
  100. St. Francois County (County Seat: Farmington)
  101. St. Louis County (County Seat: Clayton)
  102. Ste. Genevieve County (County Seat: Ste. Genevieve)
  103. Stoddard County (County Seat: Bloomfield)
  104. Stone County (County Seat: Galena)
  105. Sullivan County (County Seat: Milan)
  106. Taney County (County Seat: Forsyth)
  107. Texas County (County Seat: Houston)
  108. Vernon County (County Seat: Nevada)
  109. Warren County (County Seat: Warrenton)
  110. Washington County (County Seat: Potosi)
  111. Wayne County (County Seat: Greenville)
  112. Webster County (County Seat: Marshfield)
  113. Worth County (County Seat: Grant City)
  114. Wright County (County Seat: Hartville)

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