NVIDIA Shows Power of Tegra 4 with Three Games Optimized Video

NVIDIA was one of the greatest entertainers market hardware when Android gave his first steps, not in vain, its Tegra range has always been one of the most valued options between manufacturers and users, although we have already seen that this year Nvidia Tegra 4 will come perhaps a little late, so it will do so from the summer.

However, No one doubts the power of the new Nvidia chipset, in their first tests of performance leaving in evidence not only current Snapdragon S4, but also the Snapdragon 600 and 800 that Qualcomm will put on the market in 2013.

We do not know which will be the acceptance that will have these new Tegra 4 among manufacturers, given the good integration of Qualcomm hardware with LTE connectivity and the road already travelled by Snapdragon solutions, although Nvidia does not want to leave anything to chance and now It has shown muscle in three videos.

In them we see three games optimized for Tegra 4, Zombie Driver, Carrie: Blood Mansion, and RU Golf, with spectacular graphics and an apparent ease for a chipset that is still in development phase: