Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

You must experience these in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Klippen

Sigiriya Klippen is a cultural treasure without equal, which even UNESCO has recognized as worth visiting. On round trips in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is an eye opener that all tourists should treat themselves to. The rock, also called the Lion Rock, has historical roots dating back to the 5th century. Back then, the cliff was a giant royal palace.

Palace ruins, sculptures and landscaping remain on Sigiriya. Likewise, the rock bears the mark of its time as a Buddhist monastery, which was what the area was used for both before and after the royal palace shone on top of the Sigiriya rock.

Anyone can reach the top of the Sigiriya Rock, but the trip of just over 1,000 steps requires endurance. However, you will be rewarded to the top with a unique view of Sri Lanka’s stunning jungle. The mysterious paths and caves of the Sigiriya Rock are very special.

The holy city of Kandy

Dear child has many names and this also applies to this Buddhist holy city – Kandy. Few people agree on what Kandy’s original name is. The most popular historical name is Senkadagalapura. Kandy is a do-it-yourself table of adventure.

On trips to Sri Lanka, where Kandy is part of the route, you will experience the Dalada Maligawa Temple, also called The Temple of Tooth. Here the relic “Buddha’s tooth” is kept. Therefore, you can watch as white-clad monks with their arms full of lotus flowers pay a visit to this beautiful temple. Do not forget the Esala Perahera festival.

Through ten magical days, the Buddha is honored with a giant parade in which a copy of the coffin in which the Buddha’s tooth is kept is carried through the streets. Both exotic dancers, drummers and hundreds of elephants join the parade. Dalada Maligawa is just one of the fantastic sites in Kandy.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

On your trip to Sri Lanka with Tourist Travel, we would like to introduce you to the state-funded elephant orphanage Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. This is the world’s largest reserve for elephants. The concept was updated by the late Hon Minister Kalugalla on 16 February 1975.

The elephants come to the orphanage for countless reasons. For example, the orphanage rescues outcast or malnourished elephants as well as elephants that have been badly injured. When visiting the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, you will experience the staff’s daily care of large and small elephants.

The elephantastic experience continues unabated, by participating in the feeding of the elephants. Next, the beautiful animals bathe in the Ma Oya river, which you also become a spectator to. Your entrance fee also goes to the good cause.

Tropical beaches in Sri Lanka

A trip to Sri Lanka, with Tourist Travel, is happy to round off with relaxation on the wonderful relaxing beaches. Tours in Sri Lanka will prove that the country’s beach paradise has inviting activities for all tastes. Here you can surf, snorkel or just enjoy the clear water and the white sand.

If you want to experience the colorful wildlife below sea level, visit the Trincomalee area. Here snorkeling and diving are obvious. If you want to sunbathe under swaying palm trees, in a landscape that resembles something from a postcard, visit Unawatuna on the southern tip of Sri Lanka instead. This beach has even been voted the world’s best by several rounds.

According to Securitypology, Sri Lanka’s tropical climate causes the good beaches to change with the rainy season. When it rains and blows on one side of the country, the sun shines on the other side. Therefore, there is always a beach to visit when traveling to Sri Lanka.

Wildlife in Sri Lanka

It should clearly be a priority to experience the distinctive wildlife when traveling to Sri Lanka. You can easily do this by visiting one of the country’s many national parks. The country’s largest parks are Yala Ruhunu National Park and Minneriya National Park.

Yala Ruhunu is Sri Lanka’s most visited park. Here you can experience 44 different mammals such as the breathtaking elephants, wild warthogs, lip bears and the rare Sri Lankan leopard. In Minneriya National Park you will find monkeys, elephants, leopards and a colorful bird life.

In addition to the wild safari in the national parks, as something completely new with Tourist Travel, you can go on a photo safari through Sri Lanka’s fantastic nature. On your trip to Sri Lanka you will experience impressive wildlife and have an experience of a lifetime.

Places to experience in Sri Lanka


The iconic lion cliff Sigiriya is a must on your trip to Sri Lanka. In the middle of the flat landscape, Sigiriya shines. Take the 1,000 steps to the top for the adventure of a lifetime. Here, the ancient king’s civilization is reflected in ruins and secret caves.

The surrounding landscape at Sigiriya is equally adventurous. Here sacred temples radiate competition with the lush nature. You will also find the on-site historical museum, where you can get an insight into Sigiriya’s dramatic past.


Kandy is the country’s Buddhist center and the ancient capital of Sri Lanka. The charming city adds a religious insight to your trip to Sri Lanka. Kandy symbolizes Sinhalese greatness and religion.

Here Sri Lanka’s last king reacted, and the Kingdom of Canada even retained its independence from the colonial powers for the longest time. However, the city had to surrender to the British in 1815.


Anuradhapura is one of Sri Lanka’s stunning ancient cities with over 1,000 years of history behind it. You will experience Anuradhapura as you head north during your trip to Sri Lanka. The city is one of the archeological wonders of the world.

Anuradhapura is also an ancient royal city, famous for its well-preserved ruins. These are descended from the Lankan civilization and are the reason why the city appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Hatton was founded during the British colonial era with the purpose of housing a myriad of coffee and tea plantations. The town name refers to the village of Aberdeenshire, Scotland and several tea plantations also have Scottish names.

Hatton is the starting point for hikes to the top of Mount Adams Peak. The mountain is sacred to all four major religions, and each year attracts thousands of pilgrims who migrate to the top. Here is an incredible calm to be found.


Unawatuna is located in a small bay, just a few kilometers long beach. One is sometimes tempted to call Unawatuna paradise – the sand is delicious and golden, the beach is beautiful and the bay is protected.

There are many cozy eateries in the city. Travel on day trips from Unawatuna to Galle, rent a bike and visit one of the nearby fishing villages or bike a trip out along the rice fields behind the beach area.

Sri Lanka is flourishing with spice gardens

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