Popular Temples in Sri Lanka

The Golden Temple in Dambulla

Already at the entrance to the Golden Temple, the opulence of the place will make you close your eyes. On the roof of the temple sides a giant gold-plated Buddha and welcomes you.

Walk through the lion’s mouth and step into the pure Eldorado of Buddhas. Here, over 150 have Buddha status. Biggest of them all is the 14 meter long sleeping Buddha.

Temple of the Tooth

According to Shoe-Wiki, Dalada Maligawa, also called the Temple of the Tooth, is located in the city of Kandy and is a “must do” on your tour of Sri Lanka. The beautiful building houses one of Hinduism’s most important treasures – the Buddha’s canine.

The tooth is stored in a small gold box placed in a pagoda-shaped gold box in the temple. If your Sri Lanka round trip is in July / August, you can participate in Sri Lanka’s largest festival, Kandy Esla Perahera, which has its tooth in the center.

Abhayagiri Vihãra

When the sun hits just right, the burnt dome that makes up Abhayagiri Vihâha gives a beautiful glow that leaves you gaping at the gate. Abhayagiri Vihâra was a huge monastery and moreover the sincere guardian of the Buddha’s canine.

Today, the temple is one of the world’s largest ruins, and continues to provide the setting for one of the holiest destinations on Buddhists’ pilgrimage. Your round trip will probably reach Anuradhapura, where you can visit the beautiful temple.

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is actually not a temple but a sacred fig tree that blooms so finely in Mahamewna Gardens in Anuradhapura. In Buddha Gaya in India, the world’s oldest tree is planted by humans – it is called Maya Bodhi.

It is said that Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi comes from one of the southern branches of the Indian tree. The tree is considered extremely sacred – therefore in 2014 all construction was banned in a radius of 500 meters around the fig tree.


This place has many names; Mathatupa, Swarnamali Chaitya, Suvarnamali Maheceti, Rathnamali Dagaba – but best known as Ruwanwelisaya. In the snow-white temple you will find the largest collection of relics from Buddha that you will experience on your tour of Sri Lanka.

The temple is also one of the 16 sites in Sri Lanka which, according to myths, have been consecrated by the Buddha himself. You will feel the size of a dot when you stand next to the 103 meter high monument, which is even one of the largest in the world.


This temple is also known as the Temple of the Rock. Isumuniya is completely unique in its architecture and the building is built inside the rock wall. Around the temple, artistic depictions of important elements of the Buddhist faith are carved into the rock wall.

In particular, three of these carvings steal the spotlight; “The Unforgettable Isurumuniya Lovers”, “The Elephant Pond” and “The Royal Family”.


At 122 meters, Jetavanaramaya is the tallest stupa in the world and the third tallest building in the world. Like many other important temples in Sri Lanka, Jetevanara radiates from the UNESCO city and the Senegalese capital, Anuradhapura.

The temple is a shrine to Buddhism and is of course considered very sacred. Over 93 million bricks have been used to build the structure. Jetavanaramaya is, to put it mildly, a unique experience on your round trip.


It is just before that all tourists on tour in Sri Lanka should be required to visit Thuparamaya. The temple is actually Sri Lanka’s oldest Buddhist temple.

The Indian emperor, Ashoka, sent, at the request of King Devanampiya, the monk Mahinda Thera to Sri Lanka. He later became known as the monk who led the Buddhist faith to Sri Lanka. Thumparamaya was built to hold the right collarbone of the Buddha.

Round trip in Sri Lanka

A round trip in Sri Lanka is an adventurous journey through one of the wonders of nature. The lush island state lies like a small green spot in the Indian Ocean – just a stone’s throw from India’s north coast. The country is Asia’s bid for the perfect combination of magnificent scenery, a colorful population and a history that is deeply rooted in Sri Lanka’s DNA.

A round trip through Sri Lanka takes you to destinations that could be printed from a postcard. You will visit bounty beaches with slender, swaying palm trees, where the absurdly high waves invite for swimming, snorkeling and surfing. We move through the moist, green jungle and up into the highlands – which, however, is no higher than most can participate.

The colorful tale of the colorful country beats in both English, Dutch and Portuguese colonization, and on your tour of Sri Lanka you will feel the imprint that the European countries have left here. Prepare yourself for an adventurous Sri Lanka round trip where nature and culture exceed all expectations.

Tailor-made tour of Sri Lanka

There is a huge amount of planning work ahead of a tour of Sri Lanka. This is where we and our seasoned tour guides can help you. At Tourist Travel, we offer Sri Lanka round trips, where everything is structured and adapted based on the experiences that we have filled our own backpacks with on round trips in Sri Lanka.

Any round trip to Sri Lanka can be tailored to your expectations. This means that whether you want fewer or more travel days, upgrading hotels or exchanging experiences, this can probably be done. We are happy to have a chat so that together we can customize your Sri Lanka round trip exactly as you wish.


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