So Are The Dropcam Cameras, The Company Recently Bought by Nest/Google

Family grows in Nest House, or in Google’s rather, with a new Member that had been long at the doors of this House. His name is Dropcam and surely many already know it thanks to rumors that have been going on these past few weeks. Intelligent Home parts are fitting.

Nest, that is the one who has made official the Dropcam buying through your blog, has not given more details of the operation will be closed in the 555 million, since they say that the agreement is not yet completely closed. As soon as this happens, the surveillance cameras will begin to understand with the thermostat to be more connected to our home.

What does Dropcam offer?

I think that once announced the operation, and how happy that are in Nest by incorporarar a company of these characteristics, theirs is to make a review to remember what is what offers Dropcam and why your camera system is so important in a sector where precisely does not lack competition.

Dropcam offers a very simple service: video surveillance of the home so that we can see what happens in our House from anywhere in the world. We can see it live or record up to thirty days in a row (720 hours in total) in the cloud to view it whenever you want. It has mobile app for Android as iOS devices.

Two camera models are on sale today. The most basic includes a camera with a 107-degree viewing angle and record 720 p HD video. Its price is $ 149. Then we have Dropcam Pro, with a 130-degree angle and a 8 x zoom. Its price is $299.

If we just want to see what happens in real time we won’t pay anything more than the price of the cameras. However, if we are interested in storing recordings the cloud storage service It has a cost of $99 per year if we’re just going to burn 7 days, or 299 to have registration up to 30 days.

These two products we must now add Dropcam Tab, a piece that is placed on the doors of the House and that will let us know in real time when someone accesses our home. A fairly simple alarm system that will cost 29 dollars with the only downside of that to use it will need Dropcam Pro and not the most basic camera.

In this way, the Dropcam business model focuses on offer these recordings in the cloud Apart from the sale of the hardware itself. It is his most distinctive value since it is true that we can follow in real time from the mobile, not always the speed we have is good (are under mobile data coverage, areas where the network doesn’t reach…). We will see with Nest and Google continue to grow if.