Sony Ericsson Is Preparing Several Phones with NFC Support Android

Sony Ericsson, In addition to continuing to rely on the Android operating system for their upcoming phones, also going to incorporate NFC technology into any of them. It’s a story that you anticipate in January, but now can confirm.

We are talking about end of the year, and the joint-venture has chosen NXP as a supplier of technology for these (the same used by Nexus S) phones, which will form part of the Xperia family.

The solution proposed by NXP specialists is PN65 NFC, which includes elements of safety, radio and software for Android. For those who want to learn more about the company, we recently conducted an interview with Pedro Martínez, Director of business development.

This move by Sony Ericsson is one new test that NFC has come to stay, other companies such as Nokia, Google and RIM, also work actively in its adoption both in their operating systems and terminals. Another important part of this issue the operators, who do not want to miss the train in Europe put it.