Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman and Sony Ericsson Txt Pro, Simplifying The Mid-Range

Sony Ericsson It has taken advantage of the influence that now have virtual networks in society to promote a pair of new phones (specifically on Facebook, where he showed his pictures for the first time), very focused to integrate perfectly with this new ecosystem of social networks and their potential users.

Sony Ericcson Walkman Mix y Sony Ericcson txt pro they are the new betting of medium-low range presenting the signature and have a clear intention of youth use, although its simple and effective features never cease to be open to all ages, we see them here.

Although the images we seem to indicate otherwise, it’s about devices with operating system owner, are not Android terminals. The similarity of their catch with the of other Android devices of the brand lies in the interface based on four corners with customizable shortcuts is the same, Thus the size of screens takes better advantage. They also have synchronization with Facebook and Twitter.

Sony Ericcson Walkman Mix (the terminal cover photography), as his own surname Walkman suggests, is the more focused the multimedia world of both terminals. It has a so-called application Zappin that promises a new way to search and listen to songs. The karaoke mode that silences the main voice of the songs or the TrackID function they are some of its most important features.

Sony Ericcson txt pro, on the other hand, plunges directly into the world of social networks thanks to its physical and slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The screens of both devices are touch capacitive, of 3″ and 400 × 240 pixels of resolution. The cameras are also the same, with 3.2 megapixel camera of resolution. Both devices are equipped with connectivity WiFi and FM Radio.

There’s also microSD slot to expand the 100MB of internal storage. The dimensions are reduced 93 × 52 × 18 mm and 100 grams in the Sony Ericcson txt pro, and 95.8 × 52.8 × 14.3mm 88-gram in the Sony Ericcson Walkman Mix.

Expected to appear in the third quarter of the year far and wide around the globe, so we’ll soon see them swelling catalogs of the Spanish operators who agree to sell them.