Sony Ericsson Satio and Do Aino? with Problems in The United Kingdom

A few days ago it was learned that the Sony Ericsson Satio It had been withdrawn from sale in the United Kingdom in the Carphone Warehouse and Phones4You chains. We have not managed much information about the issue beyond a high number of returns due to software problems. Meanwhile it seems that customized versions of Orange y Vodafone they don’t present problems.

Now it seems that another problem with the touch screen has led to take the same measure with the Aino. In this case the terminal had not reached physical stores and its distribution had begun via the Internet.

The situation seems complicated to the company that, after months of losses, has put their hopes in this Christmas season with the Satio, the Aino and especially the X 10, its Android.

They are these two updates a year that have arisen news about failures and delays in phones that previously weren’t so common, or at least did not have as much broadcasting. We have had since iPhones allegedly explosives to phones that are announced and do not arrive as the Nokia N900. Updates not coming as the of the Dream of Movistar or the problems of software at the launch of the BlackBerry Storm.

We can follow with batteries that do not last for a day’s work, cracks in shells…

Sure something escapes us but we have the feeling that in the last couple of years there has been no brand without your “problem”. Precipitation? The quality control failures? It seems that all that has cooled down the enthusiasm of customers before new releases. Or Yes?

Update: we have added the questions to the Aino since reviews and other sources claim that there is no such problem. Have they cast us a goal? Or are going too many things like this that paid “credulity”?