Sony Ericsson Susan and Sunny Leaked on The Net

Woman’s name, is the common denominator between the phones being cooked in Sony Ericsson, remember the recent renaming of the Xperia X 3 to X 10, but had as key name Rachael.

In today there have been a couple of leaks in the network, and following the standard, terminals that occupy this news will be known as Susan and Sunny. We already know that there is nothing confirmed, but in previous cases have always ended coming to the market, that Yes, with another name.

As we can see in the videos that accompanied the news, have a look mobile enough conventional, regarding screen and keyboard, in the case of Sunny keyboard is sliding, Rumor has it that they could be resistant to water, and have a camera of 5 mega pixels and LED flash.

I can not locate the platform they belong within the company, I know that it’s a demonstration with renderings, but the screens do not show the system that we often see on other phones from the House, the image we have of Susan We can see other available indicators and icons larger at the bottom, as well as a kind of contacts at the top bar.

What does seem clear is that phones as they put on sale will enter the mid-range market, we hope soon more information in this regard, and finally come up with the video of the Sony Ericsson Sunny: