Sony Ericsson Will Abandon The Format Memory Stick Micro

In previous chapters of the saga “ not without my proprietary format ” attended, among others, the dream defeat of the Betamax for video, the indifference of the market the MiniDisc in the audio field and irrelevant and recent victory of the Blu-ray over HD-DVD high definition support. In the chapter of this week we will see the first hint of the final death of the UMD embodied in the plump PSP Go! In addition to find out that the presentation of the trio of mobile multimedia Saito, Aino and Yari is the beginning of the end for the Memory Stick.

Apparently, at Sony Ericsson have realized something quite obvious: the use of proprietary formats is advantageous when it comes to tilt the purchase decision in favor of your brand, especially when you’re not the leader in the market. The price of this lesson amounts to more than EUR 350 million of losses which the sueco-japonesa Alliance declared in the first quarter of 2009 and the decline in sales of its terminals.

So, to reduce to the minimum the barrier to entry to prospective clients, Sony Ericsson, In addition to supporting universal charging via USB connector, in future models, it will install a slot microSD instead of one for Memory Stick Micro. If the implementation will be progressive or instant we won’t know it safely until the announcement of upcoming developments in the firm, but by the mouth of his global marketing director we know that they operating on that course.

This decision will certainly mean the complete disappearance of the Memory Stick format in the medium to long term, Sony would be the only one who would continue supporting this storage technology. Although, given the stubborn which are according to what, it would not be surprising that they should continue with their fight alone.

So to my terms: Memory Stick, rest in peace.