Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10, The 10th of February in United Kingdom

The date of placing on the market of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 in United Kingdom has appeared on the official website, have specifically enabled a registration page, and it is reported that the expected date is on 10 February of the year coming, and taking into account that our markets function in a similar way, not take much to appear by the peninsula.

I do not think that there was anyone so optimistic as to think that the terminal would be ready before Christmas, especially taking into account that it is working to become the product that many expect, especially in terms of optimization Sony Ericsson software.

However the date is pretty motivating if we compare it with the latest rumors that placed the phone on the first half of next year, and when we talk about this type of periods and is Sony Ericsson through, you never know when your devices end up going out to the market.

I take the news to share with you a video of the boys of Wayerless, in Felipe Gómez, Manager for the Southern Cone of Sony Ericsson, showing us the expected team, doing an overview of its main features, and fortunately for some, in our language.

With regard to what we had seen in other videos seem to it has gained a little in performance:

The boys of they have also been playing around with it, and it seems to me that the video is quite interesting to share: