South Carolina General Information

Abbreviated as SC on ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG, the state of South Carolina is located in the southeastern United States and lies on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by the neighboring states of North Carolina and Georgia. South Carolina, like North Carolina, got its name from the English King Charles I. The official nickname of the state is “Palmetto State”, which is due to the many palm trees that frolic along the beaches on the coast. The capital and largest city of the state is Columbia.

South Carolina Population

South Carolina can be divided into four geographic zones: the Mountain Region, the Piedmont, the Sandhills Region, and the Coastal Plain. The west of the state is characterized by the mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which together with the Sassafras Mountain form the highest point in South Carolina. The Piedmont is characterized by gentle hills and is crossed by river valleys and mountain foothills. In the Sandhills region, as the name suggests, you will find many mountains of sand that were created by sand dunes. The coastal region is relatively flat and is framed by the small “Carolina Bays”. Salt marshes and estuaries can also be found in this region.

American history was made in South Carolina. The traces can still be seen today, both in the historical cities as well as on old battlefields and in numerous museums. The story begins in the early 18th century when only the Carolina province existed. This was established in 1729 by King Charles II in South Carolina and North Carolina split up. South Carolina was the first colony in North America to declare independence from metropolitan England in 1776 and the eighth state to become part of the United States in 1788. In 1860, with its detachment from the Union, South Carolina provided the basis for the establishment of the Confederate States of America, which, however, was also the cause of the American Civil War, which officially began with the bombardment of Fort Sumter. After the Confederation was defeated, South Carolina was occupied by the Union for 12 years. But despite the occupation by the Yankees, the South Carolinians were able to maintain the original southern charm that still fascinates millions of people today.


South Carolina is located in the northeastern United States on the Atlantic coast. North Carolina is north of the state, south of Georgia, from which it is separated by the Savannah River.


Palmetto State



Biggest town



Rank (within the US): 40th out of 50 states

Total: 82,965 km²

Land: 78,051 km²

Water (%): 4,915 km² (6%)


Rank (within the US): 26th out of 50 states

Total (2000): 4,012,012

Density: 48 / km²

State membership

Place: 8th

Since: May 23, 1788


Time zone: Eastern: UTC -5 / -4

Latitude: 32 ° 4’30 “N to 35 ° 12’N

Longitude 78 ° 0’30 “W to 83 ° 20’W

Width: 320 km

Length: 420 km

Highest position: 1,085 m

Average location: 105 m

Lowest position: 0 m

South Carolina State Flag

South Carolina is located in the northeastern United States on the Atlantic coast. North Carolina is north of the state, south of Georgia, from which it is separated by the Savannah River. Other large rivers are the Pee Dee (after the Indian people of the same name) and the Wataree. There are extensive swamps at the mouths of these rivers. In the extreme northwest, South Carolina is part of the Appalachian Mountains. The main products of the state are cotton and tobacco.


South Carolina ratified the US Constitution on May 23, 1788 and is therefore the 8th founding state of the USA.

With its secession from the Union on December 20, 1860, this state gave the impetus to found the confederation. This led directly to the American Civil War, which began on April 12, 1861 with the bombardment of Fort Sumter (on an island off Charleston).


South Carolina has an area of 80,582 km² and has 3.84 million residents, 30% of them colored.


Columbia, Greenville, Charleston

Mountains of northwestern South Carolina

South Carolina Counties and County Seats

According to Countryaah, there are a total of 46 counties in the state of South Carolina.

  1. Abbeville County (County Seat: Abbeville)
  2. Aiken County (County Seat: Aiken)
  3. Allendale County (County Seat: Allendale)
  4. Anderson County (County Seat: Anderson)
  5. Bamberg County (County Seat: Bamberg)
  6. Barnwell County (County Seat: Barnwell)
  7. Beaufort County (County Seat: Beaufort)
  8. Berkeley County (County Seat: Moncks Corner)
  9. Calhoun County (County Seat: Saint Matthews)
  10. Charleston County (County Seat: Charleston)
  11. Cherokee County (County Seat: Gaffney)
  12. Chester County (County Seat: Chester)
  13. Chesterfield County (County Seat: Chesterfield)
  14. Clarendon County (County Seat: Manning)
  15. Colleton County (County Seat: Walterboro)
  16. Darlington County (County Seat: Darlington)
  17. Dillon County (County Seat: Dillon)
  18. Dorchester County (County Seat: Saint George)
  19. Edgefield County (County Seat: Edgefield)
  20. Fairfield County (County Seat: Winnsboro)
  21. Florence County (County Seat: Florence)
  22. Georgetown County (County Seat: Georgetown)
  23. Greenville County (County Seat: Greenville)
  24. Greenwood County (County Seat: Greenwood)
  25. Hampton County (County Seat: Hampton)
  26. Horry County (County Seat: Conway)
  27. Jasper County (County Seat: Ridgeland)
  28. Kershaw County (County Seat: Camden)
  29. Lancaster County (County Seat: Lancaster)
  30. Laurens County (County Seat: Laurens)
  31. Lee County (County Seat: Bishopville)
  32. Lexington County (County Seat: Lexington)
  33. Marion County (County Seat: Marion)
  34. Marlboro County (County Seat: Bennettsville)
  35. McCormick County (County Seat: McCormick)
  36. Newberry County (County Seat: Newberry)
  37. Oconee County (County Seat: Walhalla)
  38. Orangeburg County (County Seat: Orangeburg)
  39. Pickens County (County Seat: Pickens)
  40. Richland County (County Seat: Columbia)
  41. Saluda County (County Seat: Saluda)
  42. Spartanburg County (County Seat: Spartanburg)
  43. Sumter County (County Seat: Sumter)
  44. Union County (County Seat: Union)
  45. Williamsburg County (County Seat: Kingstree)
  46. York County (County Seat: York)

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