SteadXP Aims to Improve The Stabilization of All Kinds of Cameras-Style Hyperlapso

Appears to be the major objective to achieve in the world of cameras, especially if we talk about recording video, in the image stabilization. We do not stop seeing solutions, both hardware and software, action cameras, professional devices, mobile applications, even relatively affordable phones.

It is a new business to exploit from the point of view of accessories or added our equipment, or at least so the guys see it behind SteadXP. We are talking about a device that can achieve as different as a GoPro, or a DSLR cameras, to get better results in this stabilize image.

The concept is interesting, as is a gadget external, small box-shaped, in which there are a good portion of motion sensors. They Iran registering the activity synchronized with our camera.

The improvement of our videos will come, because the system devised by Emmanuel Pampuri, takes the original recording, and will be discussed next entries – posted by SteadXP – to be corrected to the extent possible the scene.

Us sounds that work is very similar to what makes the application Hyperlapse Instagram, but at a higher level of efficiency, and with a treatment that we have to do on the computer. We will continue to progress in SteadXP.