Swivl, a Base Power of Recording Video for Mobile, Tablets, Cameras

Swivl It began as Crowdfunding Kickstarter project, but its success catapulted him to existence as a commercial product, and now Satarii, the California company that created it, announces the funding of two new versions of the product designed for DSLR cameras and tablets.

The first Swivl, the sale on its website, it is one basis for iPhone with 30-pin connector. Once the iPhone in position, Swivl uses a small transmitter that can carry over to follow the movements of the user by rotating 360 degrees and by tilting up to 20 without ever losing its framing. That makes him an effective automatic camera operator that record our own presentations or conduct video chats with Facetime while walking by the salon.

Satarii has improved the Swivl and it has provided it with a sturdier structure that holds devices about half a kilo. The new device does not work with battery but with its own rechargeable battery and he has lost the 30 pin connection to adopt a standard Bluetooth Universal accompanied by USB and 3.5 audio Jack mm.

The knob that guides the movement of the Swivl It is smaller in this new version and now includes microphone Wireless by which can serve up to tie micro. Swivl just hit Kickstarter in two versions, a basic and Premium with integrated speakers u price of 149-$229 respectively.

Satarii has released some applications from their own harvest to capture video on the iPhone. In addition, on the occasion of his new release on Kickstarter, the company has announced it will open the hardware to third party developers with a SDK coming to Android and IOS.