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According to citypopulationreview, Georgia is located in the southeastern region of the United States and is bordered by Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia’s landscape is generally hilly and mountainous with the highest peak being Brasstown Bald at 4,784 feet above sea level. The state also has a number of rivers including the Chattahoochee and Savannah Rivers which provide excellent opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water activities. In addition to its natural beauty, Georgia is also home to several metropolitan areas like Atlanta which offer a variety of attractions such as world-class museums, professional sports teams like the Atlanta Braves baseball team or Atlanta Falcons football team, and an array of shopping options from international brands to local boutiques. The climate in Georgia is generally mild year-round with temperatures ranging from 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months and 25-60 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Rainfall levels vary throughout the year with some areas experiencing more rainfall than others due to their proximity to either the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean. Despite this variability in rainfall levels, most parts of Georgia experience sunny days throughout most days making it an ideal place for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping in one of its many state parks. With its diverse landscape and numerous attractions both natural and manmade, it’s no wonder why so many people visit Georgia each year. According to allcitycodes, Georgia is the 24th most populous state in the United States and is served by 8 area codes. The original area codes for Georgia were 404 and 706, which were established in 1947 and served the state until 1995. In 1995, a new 770 area code was introduced to serve parts of northern Georgia including Atlanta. Soon after, an additional 912 area code was created to serve coastal Georgia. In addition to the original two area codes, six more have since been added: 229 (southwest Georgia), 478 (central Georgia), 678 (north-central Georgia), 762 (northwest Georgia), 470/678/404 (metro Atlanta) and 706/762/706 (northwest/southwest/northeast). All eight area codes are used for both local and long distance calling throughout Georgia as well as other parts of North America depending on your carrier service provider. For example, people living in Atlanta will use either 404 or 678 when making local calls while those living in Augusta will use 706 when dialing locally within their city limits. Similarly, people living in Columbus will use 706 for local calling while those living in Savannah will use 912 for local calls within their city limits. Additionally, all eight area codes are used for long distance calling throughout Georgia as well as other parts of North America depending on your carrier service provider.

Bronwood, Georgia

Bronwood, Georgia

According to watchtutorials.org, Bronwood, Georgia is a small town located in Terrell County of southwest Georgia. It is situated about twenty-five miles northeast of Albany and sixty-five miles southeast of Columbus. The city has...

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